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==                             Reader Mail                               ==
Final Data Clarifications...

From: (Jim Dutton)

]n any followup article, please include the information that the Clipboard
format used is not the typical TXT format which means you can't cut & paste
external to Final Data. I sent Softwood a letter about this.

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From: "Donald H. Feldbruegge (608) 263-1497" <DH.FELDBRUEGGE@HOSP.WISC.EDU>

    Of course, all of this even assumes that there is a NEW workbench and
a NEW Amiga, doesn't it?  One SMALL suggestion I do have is that Amiga
Report put out a "SPECIAL/EXTRA" edition as soon as something has been
resolved on the Amiga court proceedings.  You are better prepared to 
reliably pass the news on to everybody than any other source that I know 
of.  I surely hope that something is resolved soon, while there are still 
some software and hardware companies still willing to support the Amiga, 
and while there are still a lot of us Amigans around.
    Thank you for Amiga Report.  I enjoy reading it.  It gets me the news
fast and reliably.  Keep it up.  Best wishes to you & thanks again.

[We plan to put out a small issue no more than six hours after we are
certain the buyout has been completed. -- Ed]

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From: Martin Steigerwald <>

                * A journey into recursive multitasking *
                             from Helios
                         Revision 1 on 11-1-94

Note: This is how to manage to multitask with 400 or more tasks easily... 
So, dont expect any practical advantages from it.  It also shows a bug - or
a feature - of unix piping in AmigaDOS...

Requirements are: A working pipe command in command path!  Maybe you also
need OS2.0 or above....

Ok, lets begin...  here we go...

Save all you necessary data, as the amiga may want to reboot suddenly
during our experiment.  :-;

Open a shell!  And then type:  cd ram:

Note this ^^^ one is absolutely recommended!!!!  Otherwise you may get some
trash on your harddisk :-)!!!  But note, there is no risk of data loss on
the harddisc anyway...

And now you may want to load some sort of CPU monitor!  I use DashBoard for
that purpose!!!

Type:  get _pchar

If you get | as answer move forward otherwise type: set _pchar |

Then all what you have to do is type:  pipe |

and look whats going on then!!!  I think this one is quite funny...  You
will see recursive multitasking...

When memory is eaten up, cancel all those requesters that may come up and
after all that, when your amiga is still alive type:  dir

And look what you get...

My question to all: WHY THIS DOES HAPPEN?????  Does this happen with every
pipe command or only with the one I use???  (If you could not reproduce
this, I will tell ya want pipe command I use...)

[If anyone knows, please send the answer to Martin Steigerwald at  Thanks.  - Ed]