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==  compt.sys.editor.desk                           By:  Jason Compton   ==

With the ringing in of Amiga Report's third year, we decided it was time
to do some housecleaning-namely, shortening those BBS and Dealer listings
that were taking up a considerable amount of space.  Don't get me wrong,
we're more than happy to list them, but it became clear that as the
listings grew, they were getting larger and larger...

As I look over what Amiga Report is today, and look back at what it was
years ago, I can't help but be happy.  We've taken a good idea and turned
it into a great magazine.  (And the price can't be beat!)  And by "we", I
mean the selfless writers and editors, as well as the countless readers
who continually show their support.

In case you missed the survey last issue, or didn't feel motivated enough
to fill it out, please take another look.  You might feel a bit

Ok, now to the inevitable buyout matter.  Last reports indicate the

Both the C= UK-lead and CEI-lead bids are on the table.  Both had deposits
down, but CEI has taken back their deposit following the expiration date
of their bid.  Apparently, the bid is still being treated as valid anyway.

The Commodore Semiconductor Group (CSG, formerly MOS Technologies) has
been completely liquidated and the management-lead buyout has created a
new company.  More news will follow.

January 16th marks the last day claims may be made on Commodore US
(Commodore Business Machines, Inc.) in order to get a "piece of the pie."
(C= US was liquidated in early September, and was the owner of the
infamous floor scrubber.)

Are things starting to look bad?  Well, in a word, yes.  I still have high
hopes that a buying company can take the Amiga and turn it into something,
well, at least as good as it was before.  Whether or not they can do it in
time, of course, is an entirely different matter.  But when they take
their shot, we'll be here to watch.  And help.

In other news, be sure to check out CompuServe's press release.  They seem
to think that GIF is the greatest thing since free online magazines.

Also, for Australians out there who have been affected by the new
pay-per-meg from outside of the country, check out the Mailing List
distribution section of the magazine for information on a new Australian

That about does it.  Enjoy.


P.S.  Be sure to check out ARArchive, the AmigaGuide frontend for all Amiga
Reports.  Thanks to Robert Resiweig for compiling it.  A full article index
will be out soon.

Also, next issue we will FINALLY have the listing for a new AR Coverdisk.