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                             * BITSTREAM BBS *
               The BBS of the Nelson (NZ) Amiga Users Group
                  Official Amiga Report Distribution Site

        BITSTREAM BBS is running on an Amiga 2000/030 with 7MB RAM
            800MB of Hard Drive Space and a 650MB CD-ROM Drive

   Line 1 : 24 hours, +64-(0)3-548-5321, SupraFaxModem 28k8 VFast Class
  Modem Supplied by Supra.  Hard Drive Controller Supplied by Micro World

            We use the XENOLINK Professional BBS Software v1.91

             Sysop: Glen Roberts       Co-Sysop: Peter Lowish

               FidoNET 3:771/850.0       MaxNET 90:301/150.0
                           AmigaNET 41:644/850.0