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==                             Reader Mail                               ==

From: (Dimas Caparros Gomez)
Subject: Hey!

Hey Jason!  How is you scrubber?.  i want to send you a letter for 'the
reader mail' or somewhere else...  :-)

'I am a spanish guy.  Here, the very only source of information (out of my
country) is Amiga Report.  We expect ansious every Amiga Report.  And of
course, the response (I am dreaming with it!) of the global Amiga world:
Who is the buyer, hell?.  Well, and of course we like to see the online

    I would like to know if Jason could ask CEI (or C=UK) the questions we
have, as we have not direct InterNet address!  (and it would be VERY

    -What are the plans of you for South Europe (Spain...)?

    -You said a cheaper A1200 is not possible.  Maybe a A1200/030 at the
same prize as now?  Perhaps 040?  :-)

    BTW, I would like that jason on AR or CEI (C=UK) keep a
comp.sys.amiga.amiga where Amiga Int.  put the current things they are
working on.  We want news, and hot news from the makers of our dreams!

                        --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Hi Jason,
Heres a little letter I've written in defence of David Plesance.  (He seems
to be getting a bit of a rough ride in the US)

 Well there seems to be some difference of opinion in the two buyout camps.
Dave Plesance says he is under orders not to discuss the buy-out and Alex
Amor says he is not.  Obviously David P is Lying.  Alex Amor is willing to
discuss the buyout with other groups - Dave P says this is Illegal.  The
list gos on.  And in every case you lot in the USA believe Alex and call
David P a liar, and I'm getting fed up with it.  Now you have joined the
mob after Dave P said 'It is BELIEVED that CEI have lost their backing'

 Note he said Believed - he didn't know for sure.  yet you used this to get
at him.

 Lets deal with the complaints and misconceptions shall we?

1) David P.  will Ignore the USA and concetrate on the UK - I think this
stems from the early stages of the Buyout.  The backing C= UK's MBO got was
from a proposal based on projected sales in the UK/Europe only.  David P
has NEVER said he will not sell to the USA.  In fact the phrase 'The key
markets for the Amiga......the USA for the top end products..' occurs in a
recent interview.  Also if he is going to abandon the States why is he
keeping C= Canada and R&D in Norristown?  I can't see engineers working on
a machine they won't be able to use.

2) David P will concentrate on low end.  Obviously!  the low end makes
money.  More than enough to keep the company running.  Concentrating on the
low end does NOT mean abandaning the High end OK?  Got it now?  Anyway
there are two facts that need to be mentioned.  ACE is one I know has been
mentioned on the net.  It means Amiga Centres of Excelence.  These are
places where potential buyers can get advice on Amiga based multimedia
systems.  Hardly the product of someone who does not realise the potential
of the Amiga.  Remember Dave has a recording studio based around Amigas.

 The second is changes made to A1200 packs while Dave has been in charge at
Commodore UK.  As I'm sure your aware low end Amigas are often sold in
packs over here.  When D.P took over he changed these from being games +
DPaint to packs which show off the A1200 as a Home computer - the last
(Before C= went under) was a double sided one.  Computer Combat on one side
and Inovations on the other.  This included:- Total Carnage, Brian the Lion
and Zool 2 for games, Wordworth 2 AGA, Digita Print Manager, Day by Day and
Personal Paint 4 for productivity.  You will notice that this is more
productivity software than games.  So where does this Idea that Dave P does
not see the serious side of the Amiga come from?  Not from any facts about
him thats for sure.

 Dave has also been getting a lot of unjustified stick for not joining in a
conference etc.  He is forbbiden from doing this.  Before you say 'Alex
Amor isn't' consider that Alex Amor has been lying the ones he's been
doing.  I am refering to David Plesances comment about 'discussions between
biders being Illegal under US law' I went to my local University and within
20 minutes found the appropriate passage.  It is in Title 11 - Bankruptcy
Article 363 note 28 -'Avoidance of Sales for collusive biding' Whenever
Alex is asked about joint bids with UK/other groups he says 'the door is
open' Any discussion which reduces the bid value for the creditors is
Illegal!  Is Alex saying he is prepared to break US Law?  Personally I
think this is an attempt to dirty the name ofDavid Plesance and the UK MBO
(A successful one.)

 The other question I have for Alex relates to his comment in the CEI
conference in AR228.  In this he says he had discussions in the early part
of the buyout.  C= UK's bid was on the table first.  So when these took
place CEI Cannot have been a bidder.(see above) So what were these
discussions about and who started them?

 I will end with a little thought for you.  Consider if there had been no
C= UK bid.  We would still be waiting as Alex A seems to like to wait until
the last minute before doing anything.

 Now consider if there was no CEI bid.  C= UK would have had A1200's and
CD32's for the UK and A4000's for the USA on sale for Xmas.  Probably only
in small quantities I'll Admit.  (C= UK were all ready to conculde the deal
in september until Alex Amor Placed his bid ONE DAY before the deadline.)

I hope you will think on these points and I await your answers.

-   I dealt with the concerns here individually.  Some of the more
    significant ones warrant some reply...
    I actually liked the C= UK 1200 packs.
    There is no evidence to suggest that the C= UK bid would have been
    immediately accepted in the absence of a CEI bid.  In fact, C= UK
    failed to sign a contract when they were offered one.  In the same way,
    there's no evidence to suggest machines could have been available for
    The problem with the "UK only" "misconception" is that it has been some
    time since Pleasance has completely and comprehensively summed up the
    goals of the MBO.  An online conference would give him the perfect
    chance, but he says he's not allowed to discuss the buyout, yet that is
    exactly what his articles in numerous UK magazines do.