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        KingFisher is a tool specifically designed to maintain and
        search one or more databases for software.  The program permits
        manual browsing, but offers a powerful expression parser through
        which you can explain to KingFisher exactly what you are looking

        The layout of database records for display is programmable, as
        is the format used for printing and that for writing records to
        a file.

        KingFisher uses a resizable GadTools window on the default
        public screen or on a custom screen, offers the choice of both
        smart and simple refresh windows, and supports proportional
        fonts (including scalable fonts) of nearly any size.

        KingFisher supports more than one database, and databases that
        are larger than a single disk volume, which are spread over any
        number of disks to be mounted on request.

        Using advanced Client-Server Technology, KingFisher supports
        multiple simultaneous users with a minimum of memory overhead
        (as little as 25K) for each user.  An ARexx-based interface,
        named RexxFisher, provides a BBS with the means to serve many
        databases to many users!

        KingFisher is localized.  Catalogs are supplied for Dansk,
        Deutsch, Espanol, Nederlands, Suomi, and Svenska.  More are
        expected as translators are found (hint, hint!)

        Context sensitive and fully integrated AmigaGuide provides
        help on gadgets, menu items, reference sections, etc. in over
        150K of widely cross-linked text.

        KingFisher comes with a complete, read-to-use database of
        descriptions for Fred's "Fish Disks" 1-1000!

        ----- KingFisher 2.6 ------------------------------------------
        Clipboard               - Reads & Writes clipboard unit 0
        Center window option    - Keep main window always centered
        Show all fields         - Shows ALL, even non-standard fields
        Select larger fonts     - Now lets you select fonts > 24 pixels
        Fast Reverse QuickIndex - Now as fast as Forward QuickIndex
        Trashed/vanishing Menus - Bug fixed
        Trash in .prefs file    - Bug fixed
        FD/Registered messages  - Actual distinction of messages :-)       - Should now work again for KS2.x users

        ----- KFServer 2.6 --------------------------------------------
        Improved %usage report  - Provides uptime and accurate %use
        kfcSELECTDATABASE       - Cleaned up and fixed
        Creating New Database   - MAJOR cleanup.  Should work fine now!
        System Requesters       - No longer suppressed (option avail.)

        ----- RexxFisher 1.7 ------------------------------------------
        RF_ADDFISH              - Adds contents of file to database
        RF_SETVLINK             - Sets previous/next VersionLink values

        With Fish Disk Database (1.5MB), approximately 2.2MB of harddisk
        space is needed.  The program requires about 400K of memory to
        run, depending on the size of the database index files and some
        other factors.  Kickstart V37 (2.04) is required; V38 (2.1) is
        required for localization.

        Tested with 68000 through 68040 CPUs, V37, V38, V39, and V40
        system software, Picasso II graphics board.  Enforcer and
        Mungwall used during testing.

        Shareware registration fee is $20(US) or DM30.  A registration
        site in Germany is available for European users.

        The freely distributable, unregistered (EVALUATION) version
        remains at version 2.3 with an update yet to be announced.  The
        unregistered version is limited to a maximum of two simultaneous
        users.  Register for the full version and show your support!

AUTHOR & AUTHOR'S ADDRESS (inquiries, registration, technical support)
        Udo Schuermann
        6000 42nd Avenue, Apt. 405
        Hyattsville, MD 20781-1518


        A patch file for the REGISTERED version of KingFisher 2.1, 2.3,
        2.4, and 2.5 (but not 2.2) is available on Aminet in 'biz/dbase'
        by the name 'KF-REGS-pch-26.lha'

        The EVALUATION version is available on Aminet in 'biz/dbase',
        as 'KingFisher21.lha' as well as 'KF-21-22-patch.lha' and

        Aminet's main ftp site is []
        Please use Aminet's mirror sites whenever possible!

 ._.  Udo Schuermann             "The future is not what it used to be."
 ( )            -- G'Kar, Babylon-5, "The Long Dark"