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        AmigaFaces (faces)


        Andreas S. Oesterhelt (


        This is a little software package that allows different
        actions upon arrival of mail from specific adresses.

        With faces, you can let your Amiga sing Hallelujah, whenever
        mail from your girlfriend arrives or curse loudly, if mail
        comes in from your boss.

        It consists of two parts: the executable binary (faces) and
        and a user / action database file (faces.db). The binary is
        executed by your mail package's 'rmail' type command and must
        therefore be set up as a mail filter in the aliases file.
        Whenever a mail for a local user with a "|faces" piping entry
        in his alias arrives, faces parses the sender's address out 
        of the header and looks up faces.db.

        The database stores information on which action is to be
        executed upon arrival of mails from what address or class of
        addresses. An address specification may contain wildcards, an
        action specification is any valid dos command line, i.e.
        playing a sound sample, speaking text via 'say', opening a
        requester, etc.


        To properly use AmigaFaces, you need a mail system installed
        on your Amiga, which features aliases and piping.

        I have tested the program with AmigaUUCP (with and without the
        wusel patch), AmiTCP 3b / InetUtils v1.4. (Note: IU v1.3 won't
        work.) and with AmiTCP / in.smtpd. Whether it runs with a smtpd
        for AS225, I can't tell.

        Strongly recommended is a soundplayer. (I use PlaySound.)


        Any Aminet site, i.e. (






        No cost.


        The program is Copyright 1994 by me. It is freely
        distributable, as long as no profit is made hereof.