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==  compt.sys.editor.desk                           By:  Jason Compton   ==


That's what computing is all about.  Support, who's giving it, how it's

When it comes down to it, there's as much support for a computer platform
as the individual user perceives there to be.

Take Commodore 64 users.  While their numbers are certainly no longer the
many millions-strong legion it once was, they still exist and, yes, even
thrive.  Because they FEEL that they do.  There are companies such as CMD
which still actively support the 64, there are Internet
short, everything that these users FEEL they need.  So their computer
platform is supported.

Take your average PC user.  They feel supported because their numbers ARE
legion, and so is the number of companies that produce software for their
machine.  They are surrounded with positive reinforcement and FEEL secure,
so they FEEL supported.  

So, now it falls to the Amiga users.  Do we FEEL supported?  Well, I
suppose so, since we're still here.  Of course, not everyone is, many have
left to pastures which they perceive as more supported.  There is no parent
company left to support is, and many developers are gone.  But, support is
still there.  It's all a question of perception.

The task for the New Amiga Corp will be to create that illusion of support.
Oh, real support would be wonderful as well, but to draw users, you have to
create the illusion of Support For The Lowest Common Denominator.

Good luck to them, whoever they wind up being.

On the buyout front:  As of today's writing, this information is

Apparently, no decision has been reached yet.  CEI's bid was supposed to
expire last Friday, but they have extended the deadline to this Friday.
After that, CEI will request its deposit check back.

Commodore UK's press release (available elsewhere in the issue) struck me
as rather vague.  A request for clarification and/or more information was
denied by C= UK, so we're left with the question..."What does 'accepted'


PS.  Please check out our new survey, and watch for the results of Katie
Nelson's surveys in AR3.02.

PPS. Thanks for sticking with Amiga Report, now in our third year!