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==                             Reader Mail                               ==

From the AR mailbag...(Yes!  Real, live, printed mail!)

Hello.  I am just writing you this little letter to say that I really
appreciate all your efforts in keeping Amiga users informed on the latest
happenings of the liquidation proceedings.  I am an avid Amiga user and
the only Amiga user left in town.  That is not an exaggeration, it is the
truth.  I have been reading the Amiga Report starting with the first issue
that I saw, AR 2.26.  I have enjoyed d/l'ing it via long distance every
week from AfterDark.  I just got finished reading AR 2.33 and enjoyed it
also.  Again thank you for all your work that you and the other members of
your team have done in support of the Amiga platform and look forward to
reading many more issues in the future.  Thank you for your time and have
a Merry Christmas.
                        Forrest C. Brutort

    Well, thank you, Forrest, for being only the second AR reader to
    actually physically mail me.  (Thank you to the first, the author of
    the Swedish royalty postcard I got a month or so ago!)  At any
    rate...we do what we can, and it's good to hear that it's appreciated.

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From: "David C. Gorton" <>
Subject: Intel Fraud Hurts Everybody: Investigation (Just. Dept. & 
SS&Tech Cmte)

Dear Congressman Boehlert,

I'm writing to you in your capacity as Ranking Republican on the Science,
Space and Technology Committee.  I'm VERY concerned about the government's
lack of action against Intel, the maker of processors for the ubiquitous
IBM PC compatible.  I suspect that this lack of action is because the
people in power don't understand how this "technology" affects every aspect
of daily business and even medical care for individuals.  It even affects
Animals & the Environment.

By now, I'm sure you've heard about the Intel Pentium division design
flaws.  The Pentium (aka the 80586) is the 3rd in a family of 32-bit
processors from Intel; all of which have had design flaws!

When the 80386 and 80486 were released, they both also had numerous design
flaws.  From logic and math errors, to heat and electrical spec problems. 
Now the Pentium is also part of the problem.  I'm asking you, "Why wasn't
Intel investigated back in the late 80's when the 80386 first was revealed
to be flawed?" Maybe it's because big business could get away with bllody
murder and fraud under the Reagan/Bush administrations?  Will
Intel/MicroSoft do it again under a Republican controlled congress?

I'm sure part of the problem is that decision makers don't understand the
significance of these problems and how it will trickle down to daily life.
Fidelity's Magellan trust was jeopardized, with earnings incorrectly
projected, reportedly due to calculations from spreadsheets running on
Pentium based IBM compatibles.

The IBM compatible has always been a poor design, from 1980.  Despite the
hype, the architecture hasn't changed much on 14 years.  It succeeded due
to marketing advantages, and people's insecurities about "this new
technology", NOT because it was a good design.  As a result these machines
are everywhere.  Macintoshes and Amigas are rare by comparison.  WHAT THIS
MEANS: since there are so many of these machines being used for CRITICAL
TASKS, the public is placed in economic and mortal jeopardy, because these
systems use Intel processors.

Example: Scientific work relies on math greatly.  In the case of medicine-
measurements, calculations and theories are used to produce treatments. 
But if the math is wrong, life-saving research could be hindered, red
herrings could be produced, cures could be missed, and worst of all... 
LIVES COULD BE LOST.  What about all the money that will be wasted to re-do
experiments that were flawed due to faulty Pentium calculations?  In the US
alone, Millions of animals are killed and treated cruelly each year in the
name of progress.  How many more will be vivisected because because
previous experiments will come into question?  Biological "research"
depends heavily on math, due to the chemistry involved.  I know you
supported HR 2472, which aimed to use computer technology to reduce the
number of animals suffering in labs in the US.  Now, Intel's faulty,
rushed-designs will condem more animals to torture and death, because
scientists will want to recheck their data.  As a self-proclaimed
environmentalist, you should also know that Intel is on the Silicon Valley
Toxics Campaign's "Dirty Dozen" list, as the most egregious of polluters.

Let me ask you this, Mr.  Boehlert: In your frequent airline trips to and

Increasingly Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems are based on Intel IBM
compatibles.  If a car is designed using AutoCad on a Pentium system, how
do we know the car lives up to it's projected specs?  Also please note that
Intel's Neptune chipset and PCI controllers have also have problems.  Intel
makes the motherboards for major "PC clone" vendors like Dell and Gateway.
One digital flaw on top another...this is tragedy waiting to happen.  And
the sad part is, it may have already happened, we just don't know it-
because these sorts of things are hard to track down.

That's why I'm asking you to launch a full investigation, as Ranking
Republican on the SS&T cmte.  Also, I want your support in having the
Justice Department investigate the actions of Intel.  Be aware that IBM
itself has said it won't be using Pentium chips, at least until Intel gets
their act together and starts being honest.

Industry journals have noted that Intel has lied repeatedly about when they
first learned pf the flaws.  Inside a week, they went from claiming they
knew about it a full two MONTHS all the way back to July.  The
only reason they came clean at all, is because the Math professor who
actually bothered to check the figures coming from his Pentium, got tired
of waiting and went public.  If not for his math skills and honesty, Intel
would still be getting away with it.

FACT: They still are getting away with it!  Intel admits to KNOWINGLY
shipping flawed chips, and are STILL doing it!  Though they have corrected
one of the problems (the other problem is a defective write-back cache)
they CONTINUE TO SHIP DEFECTIVE CHIPS, along with corrected ones, with no
distinction between them.  INTEL PUBLICALLY ADMITS TO THIS.

This is fraud.  What will you do to halt Intel from shipping any more 80486
or Pentium/80586 chips, until there is a complete investigation?

Dave Gorton
Vernon NY

[Jason's note: Just in case you missed it, this letter was originally
directed to a Congressman, but the author also sent it to at least 50 other
people who I guess he felt were "important".  So, there you have it.]