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     Mand2000D - fractal exploration program.




     Cygnus Software
     33 University Square, #199
     Madison, WI, 53713
     (608) 277-0413, 12:00 to 8:00 PM, Central Time



     Bruce Dawson, Cygnus Software
     Helen Dawson, Cygnus Software


     Mand2000D is the demo version of Mand2000, a fractal exploration
program.  Fractals are strangely beautiful mathematical objects which
have started appearing everywhere from book covers to rock videos.
The Mandelbrot set is probably the most popular of these fractals.
Its unique beauty and infinite complexity, derived from a simple
mathematical formula, have drawn thousands of people to explore the
Mandelbrot set on their computers.  Do note however, that no
mathematical ability is required to explore and appreciate fractals
with Mand2000.

     Mand2000 draws pictures of the Mandelbrot set and other fractals
on your Amiga and allows you to explore them by doing animated zooms
towards interesting areas.  In Mand2000 we have attempted to combine
speed, power and simplicity with a few unique features, all designed
to make it easy for you to discover uncharted regions of the Mandelbrot
set, Julia set and other fractals.

     Mand2000D is a full version of Mand2000, except that saving and
printing have been crippled.

     Some of the key features of Mand2000 are:

     Point and click animated zooming is the most intuitive way of
exploring the Mandelbrot and Julia sets that we could think of.  Just
point and double click.

     Mand2000 allows you to pan across fractal images using your
keyboard, mouse, or joystick.  Plug in your joystick to scroll and zoom
your way around the most complex object ever seen.

     Mand2000's multi-pass drawing lets you see an approximation of the
final picture in a fraction of the total calc time.  Even for pictures that
will take several minutes to complete, you can get a good idea of what
your picture will look like almost immediately.  This allows you to
quickly decide whether to keep zooming, or wait for the completed

     Mand2000 has a multi-window, multi-requester design.  You can
adjust parameters and see the changes in real time as Mand2000
continues calculating while you use the requesters.  Leave as many
requesters and fractal windows open as you want.

     Mand2000 lets you calculate fractal zoom movies quickly, by
calculating key frames and letting Mand2000's TweenPlayer create the
intermediate frames at playback.

     Just a few of the other features include:  full AGA support,
compatibility with the Picasso II and other third party graphics boards
in up to 256 colour mode, literally dozens of different assembly
language math routines for accuracies ranging from 16 bits to 1000+
bits, on-line help, printing, multi-level undo, built in locations to
start you searching, full featured ARexx support, several ARexx
scripts supplied, graphical displaying of your location, etc.

     These are just some of the more significant and innovative
features in Mand2000.

     Also available on Aminet are two screen shots from Mand2000 2.0,
demonstrating the HAM rendering, and an iteration animation made with
one of the supplied ARexx scripts, also demonstrating the new HAM


     Since version 1.x there have been two main changes made to Mand2000:

     1) Mand2000 now supports rendering fractals in HAM, HAM8, and dithered
256 colour.  This allows you to display your fractals in thousands of
different colours - on ANY Amiga.  The entire user interface will now,
optionally, run in these modes, allowing a separate palette for each
fractal window, each palette consisting of thousands of colours.

     2) Mand2000 now creates anim files directly.  Iteration movies, Julia
seed movies, morph movies, and whatever animation types you feel like
adding.  All of these are written out in the standard anim format, for
immediate playback with any animation player.


     The original 2.00 demo had a bug in the low precision 68000
fractal calculation code that caused a large black square to appear on
screen.  This does not affect those with '020 processors or higher.


     Requires version2.04 of the OS.
     Three fractal equations are always available.  Four more
fractal equations are available with a 68881, 68882 or 68040.
     An animation player and ARexx are both recommended.


     Aminet - ( or other sites


     Only the file Mand2000demo.lha is required.

     Incoming directory:


     Expected final directory:



     $44.95 US for the release version with full working save - sorry,
we cannot take credit cards.  Owners of previous versions of Mand2000
can upgrade for $15.00 plus $4.95 shipping and handling.  All users who
purchased Mand2000 through Cygnus Software or ICP Verlag are registered,
so no proof of purchase is required.


     Mand2000D is Copyright (c) 1993-1994 Cygnus Software
     The demo version, Mand2000D, may be freely distributed in original
and unmodified form as long as no more than a nominal copying fee is
charged.  The release version of Mand2000 may not be distributed.  If
you wish to put the demo version on a cover disk or any other sort of
for-profit distribution, please contact us for permission.