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==  AR Reader Poll                                By:  Katherine Nelson  ==

Well, so far I've gotten about 40 letters from readers telling me what they
would like to see in a new version of WorkBench.  I know there are a lot
more of you out there, so start typing!

Just let me know what programs you'd like to see bundled with the new
Amigas, and what cosmetic and functional improvements to the OS that you would
like to see.

Also, if you can let me know what PD utilities you currently use (if any)
to enhance the look or performance of your 'bench, I'd appreciate it. ;)

Secondly, since the most popular idea for improvement is to either use
MagicWB or NewIcons, I would like to see which is preferred.

Please send me mail letting me know if you have seen both NewIcons and
MagicWB, and which you prefer.  (It is very important that I know if you've
seen them both, to get a fair comparison.)

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