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==  compt.sys.editor.desk                           By:  Jason Compton   ==

Well, we're not quite cooking with gas yet, but at least SOMETHING is

Actually, there was quite a lot of what seems, in retrospect, to be hot air
flying around at the World of Amiga show in the UK a weekend ago.  C= UK
was confronted by several people on the subject of online conferences, and
they claim that they are prohibited from speaking about the buyout
publicly.  This is interesting, since even into January '95 issues of UK
Amiga magazines, Pleasance continues to write about just that...

All sorts of people listened as David Pleasance informed them that he was
pretty sure that CEI had lost their financial backing-at times, he seemed
to blame the Amiga Report online conferences for scaring them off.  He even
got Utilities Unlimited's own Jim Drew to post to CompuServe that yes, CEI
had indeed lost their financial backing. 

Good one, guys.  CEI, at least, doesn't think so.  They directly refute C=
UK on a lot of points.  First off, they claim that they are under no
restrictions to talk about the buyout.  (Good thing, too, now that they've
held four conferences and have a fifth coming up.)  They deny that they've
lost any financial backing for any reason.  And, just to prove a point,
they've submitted an offer and a deposit for the Commodore assets.

So, here we go again.  Who do you believe, who do you trust?  Had CEI not
submitted the offer and deposit, it would merely be another case of "they
said, we say" and around and around we go.  But some money has been put on
the table, along with an honest-to-God press release, so we'll see what
happens now.  (Incidentally, there's even a contradiction there...CEI says
their cash deposit is the first, but Pleasance claimed that they had one
before CEI submitted theirs.)

The ball has, rather unfortunately, been cast back into the liquidator's
court, and a formal presentation of the CEI bid is due Tuesday.  When we'll
hear what happens, I don't know yet.  However, GEnie's Amiga *StarShip* has
arranged (all on their own) to hold a CEI conference on the 22nd, so AR
will be present to document and report...

Unfortunately, none of the regular AR staff were able to make it to Wembley
for the WOA, but we've compiled enough reports that, hopefully, we can make
you feel like you were there, too.

This might be the last issue of 1994 for Amiga'll depend
largely on how much material we can collect before January 1st.  Next issue
will feature more reviews and HOPEFULLY some serious news on this damn
liquidation.  I'll even have an overview of the fabled Commodore 65
prototype I recently obtained thanks to the C= US liquidation...

We'll also have a large reader survey launched in the next issue, be it
2.35 or 3.01.

Until then, enjoy...


PS - I suppose Amiga Report should make an official statement on how we see
the recent Pentium revelation.  So, here goes...

"It's one thing to make a mistake.  Everybody does that.  It's entirely
another thing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars convincing people to
buy that mistake."