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==                     FTP and Product Announcements                     ==

    On the Ball V1.30 demo      Keep yourself organized.

 Wacom Digitizer Tablet Driver  Fairly self-explanatory.

     Textfield Gadget 2.0       If you're a BOOPSI fan...

        Serial Stratego         The board game, long-distance.

          DoIcon 1.2            .info file manipulations

        ShadowStart 1.0         Disable startup scripts

          PriMan 2.0            Task monitoring

          EpsLab 1.02           Mess with PostScript files

   ImageFX 2.0 Demo Pictures    You can peek...

   Epson Stylus Color Driver    Also self-explanatory

         Plantation 1.0         Manages networked LightWave machines

     Kill the Little Dudes      Apparently, a platformer...

| The 10 most downloaded files from Aminet during the week until 27-Nov-94
| Updated weekly. Most popular file on top.
|File               Dir        Size Description
|------------------ ---        ---- -----------
PGPAmi26ui.lha      util/crypt 624K+PGPAmiga 2.6ui
rhslip38.9_030.lha  comm/net    54K+Sana2 (c)slip.device, 030 version
Knights242.lha      game/2play 223K+Two-player violent dungeon bashing
NewIcons.lha        pix/icon    22K+Various 4 color icons
Yahzee.lha          game/2play  33K+French catalog included (still v1.3).
MUIBuilderV20.lha   dev/gui    528K+Interface Builder for MUI V2.2
apcd.lha            gfx/conv     5K+Convert PhotoCD picture to IFF
IITextures.lha      gfx/3d      20K+8 Imagine 3.0 Textures. 020+FP only.
AmiCDROM-1.15.lha   disk/cdrom 197K+CDROM disk filesystem (ISO-9660+RR+HFS)
AWS-15.lha          util/boot   55K+Shows config during boot.