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[ Minor edits to improve the English.  -Dan ]

     Wacom Digitizer Tablet driver for the Amiga.

     Version 1.16

     Private developer.

     Roland Schwingel
     Lilienthalstrasse 9
     92421 Schwandorf

     Phone: +49-(0)9431-5779


     With this program you can use wireless tablets manufactured by Wacom
     with the Amiga.

     The tablet is connected to the serial port of your Amiga (Multi-I/O
     boards are also supported.) The driver is suitable for tablets of the
     SD, UD and KT series.  Both the pressure-sensitive and the non-
     pressure-sensitive modes are supported.

     The driver enables you to control the Amiga mouse pointer with your
     tablet.  Appropriate buttons on the tablet's input devices are mapped
     to the normal mouse buttons.  Therefore the driver can be used with
     (almost) any program.

     Also, a software interface is implemented which enables you to map
     unused buttons in your own applications and/or to use the pressure and
     coordinates in your own applications.  Some sample source in C is
     included to demonstrate the usage of the interface.

     Under AmigaOS 3.0 or better the tablet data is also directly used by
     Intuition and passed to every window where an application can use it.
     A small program with source in C is included to show how an
     application can get the data from intuition using the Commodore tablet

     Driver settings are made using an intuitive graphics user interface
     (GUI).  Also, a German catalog file is supplied which you can use with
     Workbench 2.1 or later.

     German and English documentation included.


     New in Version 1.16 (07. November 1994):

     * Now also supports the new KT series. (eg. ArtPad)

     * UD tablets with a ROM version 1.2 or greater can be driven with
       double resolution and double pressure range. This is also supported

     * The main window now also has menus.

     * The cycle and button gadgets with keyboard access are highlighted
       when the corresponding key is pressed.

     * The layout of checkbox gadget has changed. When running AmigaOS3.0
       or better they are looking much better with bigger fonts.

     * The requester which appears when the tablet is not switched on now
       has a retry-button for much easier reinitialising.

     * Revised tablet recognition. It is now more flexible when some of the
       internal tablet settings (DIP-switches or memory settings) are not
       set to factory settings. But please set your tablet to factory de-

     * Revised SD-510C handling. There have been problems with a certain
       ROM-version of this tablet.

     There is a major new version (2.0) in preparation. It is planned to be
     released by the end of December or begining of January. This version
     will finally include an AREXX-Port and a completly new mouse emulation
     (likely to be faster than Amigamouse).


     * At least Kickstart and Workbench 2.04.
       On 2.1 or 3.x you can use german localization.

     * Wacom tablet of the SD, UD or KT series.


     Available on servers in the aminet. e.g.:

     ...          ...                    ...


     Aminet:      /pub/aminet/hard/drivr


     Wacom_116.lha ----- 204643 Bytes
     Wacom_116.reamde --   2054 Bytes


     The program is shareware. Requested fee: US$20 (or 25DM)


     May be distributed freely as long as all files remain complete
     and unmodified. Also refer to the program's documentation.