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        This announcement prepared by Chris Hurley, one of the
        program's authors and a principle of interVISUAL Software.

        Plantation-Scalable Distributed Rendering for Lightwave 3d

        Version 1.0

        interVISUAL Software
        1080 Horseshoe Rd.
        Augusta, GA 30906


        Plantation is a distributed rendering solution for 
        Lightwave 3d.

        Plantation orchestrates the rendering of Lightwave scenes by
        multiple Lightwave-equipped Amigas on a network.  Working in 
        tandem, the networked computers spread the work of rendering
        an animation across the entire network, decreasing rendering
        time and increasing productivity.

        Plantation will manage the rendering of any number of scenes
        up to memory limitations.

        Plantation is flexible in the number of networked Amigas it
        will support:  any number up to the limit imposed by your 
        license and your network. Unattended rendering of multiple 
        scenes on a single machine is also supported.

        Plantation Supports the DPS-Personal Animation Recorder, with 
        no additional setup, or waiting.  Faster machines do not wait 
        on slower machines while rendering to the PAR.

        Plantation supports nearly any network that can provide shared 
        access to a drawer, including Enlan-DFS, Envoy, Parnet, 
        AmiTCP (with NFS). 

        Plantation features an upgradable license.  Start with a 
        two-user license, and upgrade to a 5, 10, or unlimited license
        with a simple phone call.  

        An attractive, easy-to-use Intuition interface makes Plantation
        a pleasure to use.

        An installation script for use with the Installer is included.

        Plantation was carefully tested with Enforcer to eliminate as
        many machine-crashing bugs as possible.

        Lightwave-equipped machines running:

        Workbench 2.0 or later
        Network software and hardware supporting a shared drawer.

        US Prices: 

        (license size determines the number of active machines)

                2 user                  $100.00
                5 user                  $150.00
                10 user                 $200.00
                20 user                 $300.00
                shipping/handling       $4.00

                Custom licenses and upgrades are available.

        Release date: Shipping November, 1994.

        Plantation is a commercial product.

        Send check or money order to:

        interVISUAL Software
        1080 Horseshoe Rd.
        Augusta, GA 30906

        Dealer inquiries are welcome.

        Information sheets are available via fax-on-demand at
        phone number above.

        Basic Knowledge of AmigaDOS may be required.