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                           "On The Ball"
              Calendar/Addressbook/To-Do List/NotePad

        Version V1.30 has over 50 improvements over V1.20.

              Pure Logic Software
              789 Butterfly Road
              Quincy, CA  95971
              205-802-7345  (Voice/Fax/Tech Support)

         On The Ball gracefully binds four powerful applications in a
                     symmetrical multiwindow environment.
      * View and print adjustable appointment schedules from eye-catching:
         week-at-a-glance, month-at-a-glance, or year-at-a-glance
         graphical views.
      * 11 Powerful repeat modes automatically re-schedule appointments:
         Selected day(s) of week, Bi-weekly, Monthly, or Yearly,
         Repeat on second Tuesday of each month, (example)  ...and more.
      * Can search forward and backward through all appointments.
      * Create shadow appointments to remind you days in advace.
      * Ability to review past appointments while the computer was off.

      * Sorts and searches by any field.
      * Mailing Labels: Print or copy to the clipboard all or selected records.
         Choose from many built-in generic label configurations or design your 
         own layout.
      * Attatch notes to records to associate as much personal or professional 
         information as you like to each record.
      * Dialer/Auto-redialer can automatically bring up your contact's note and
         append a new time-date stamp to help you automate transcripts of your 
      * Ability to print custom phone lists or address lists.

    To-Do List:
      * Prioritizes things you need to get done with optional due dates.
      * Print your daily agenda or a comprehensive to-do list.
      * Search To-Do List. 

      * Jot down and organize stand-alone notes.
      * Load/Save feature makes NotePad a powerful and handy text editor.
      * Easily attatches notes to individual Calendar, ToDo List, and
         Addressbook entries.
      * Fast smooth-scrolling, resizable notes have standard editing
         features such as search and replace and cut-and-paste to the

      * Create your own colorized "Tags" (ie. "Personal", "Birthdays", 
         "Urgent", "Project X", etc.) to help you classify and prioritize
         information so you can focus on specfic categories of entries
         in all applications and all views.
      * Extensive Arexx support with sample routines provided on disk and in 
      * Modular save files 

      * For all Amigas: 500 through 4000,  WorkBench 1.3-3.x compatible.
      * Automatically takes advantage of many WB2.0+ features, if
         available. (ie. prints compugraphic fonts, font requester, etc.)
      * Multi-Lingual interface modules and interface for:
         English, German, French, Swedish, & Dutch.

     and MUCH more!

     The new demo is available for anonymous FTP on Aminet, for example:
     The demo will also soon be available on Fred Fish and most BBS's.

     Currently in /pub/aminet/new.  Will be permanently moved to:

     OnTheBall_V130.lha       221k
     OnTheBall_V130.readme    6k

     On The Ball is not shareware, it is commercial.  The demo of On The
  Ball is a freely redistributable program under the condition that all
  accompanying files are included.  Users are granted a limited 30 day
  license to use this demo for the purpose of evaluation only.  After that
  time, you must send the $40 registration fee to:

                Pure Logic Software
                789 Butterfly Rd.
                Quincy, CA  95971  USA

     Registered users will receive the latest commercial version of the
  program, a professionally printed manual, and access to future upgrades
  at a negligible price.

     On The Ball is also available from most Amiga retaillers.


     1) Contact the 24hr Pure Logic Software phone line for:
          techinical help, order info, Dealer/distributor info.
          Fax retrieval, sending a FAX, requesting promotional material 
          for your user group.

     2) Questions and comments can also be emailed to:
        * Jason Freund,,  205-802-7345
        * Gabe Dalbec,,  602-770-9561

     See our review featured in Amazing Computing, November, 1994.