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From: owl@davinci.reading.MA.US (Opportunity With Learning)
Subject: Review


I wanted to address some of the constraints that I had in writing the
program which I think address some of your concerns.

I was aiming to be able to run the program on a 2MB Amiga so that I would
not alienate people who had only purchased a stock Amiga 1200.  Since the
program is written in CanDo it started to grow very large as I progressed
through the subject matter.  I would have preferred to use more colors and
a higher resolution for the pictures, however, the size of the program
would have been enormous!  I have tried to address this issue with the
CanDo folks and am waiting to see how the newest version of CanDo fairs.
This was also the reason for splitting the program into two programs as
described in the user's manual.

As for the use of BRU, this was simply a way of packing all of the various
multimedia items onto 4 disks.  I wanted to use something that I didn't
have to license and assumed that everyone would have the program on their
machines.  I've actually only found one other person who did not have it
installed.  BRU would not have been needed either if Inovatronics allowed
some sort of sharing of libraries, so that each program was smaller than

I also wanted to let you know that we are working on a second product which
will essentially cover optics, electricity, waves, and particles.  I have
had a lot of good responses to Physics Lab and requests for the second half
of the subject matter.  This should be available by next summer.

Opportunity With Learning - Educational Software for the Future
460 Summer Ave.  Reading, MA  01867-3819
Lori Vinciguerra - President
  Internet: owl@davinci.reading.MA.US

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From: (Per Jonsson)
Subject: The rise of the Amiga!

Hello Jason and Amigareport!

I have just red the CEI conference from 29 nov and I feel better than ever
about the future of the Amiga rising like Phoenix.  I want to thank you all
folks on Amiga Report for doing a great "mag".

When CEI are (if they are) done with the buyout I'm going to send them a
packet of flowers (it's a bit hard with the distance here from Sweden :-)
or some choklade to congratulate them.  And I hope all you guys ('n
gerlies) out there is going to do the same.  Why not collecting some
dineros in your local Amiga-BBS/Usergroup or whatever and send something to
show your suport and joy.

This man (Alex) is a miracle, he have been in three (or more?) conferences
in less than a year, it's more than C= _ever_ have done officially in _ten_
years (in my knowledge).  And the man can listen to the users and he wants
to get our opinions.  I feel a great pleasure in that.

    cmp.l   #Alex,#D_Pleasence  ;Compare Alex CEI with David P. C= UK

David P.  has never been on a conference (exept for som show in UK) and the
only thing you hear (see) from him is his little columns in the English
Amiga Mags.

My only wish now is that CEI buy C= out so I can buy myself a brand new
A4000 with a resent pricetag.  And ofcourse so I can sleep in the nights
again ;-)

(Soon the people will sing and dance in the streets again)

Best Regards Per Jonsson /Stockholm/Sweden
             Fidonet: 2:201/325.3

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From: "Luis R. Anaya" <>
Subject: Questions and comments to CEI.

Hi Jason:

I got your email address out from the CEI log and I would like you to
forward suggestions and other mumbo jumbo to Alex Amor.  Some are
suggestions other are comments and others are just plain stupid :).

1.  I feel that CEI is not taking into consideration of the Latin American
market and its potential very seriously.  I'm aware that the support of the
strong user base in Europe and the Amiga re-introduction in USA are CEI's

However, after reading the log and after speaking with another person which
asked the same question, the question has not been answered what is
warranted.  I would assume that all Latin American operations are going to
be done in the main office in Florida because most of the corporate offices
that deal with Latin America markets are there. 

It does make sense.  However, I strongly feel that there is nothing in
concrete to address it.  What's been feared is that CEI will follow the
steps of C='s, *to ignore completely Latin American dealers*,

The end result has been lost of revenue and a closed window of opportunity
in Latin America, something that right now Apple, Sun, DEC, IBM even NeXT
has capitalized with it.  NeXT provided a whole lab for the Monterrey
Institute for Higher Education Studies, Mexico.  They were one of the
prefered customer list afterwards, Apple claimed in the Caribbean Business
that the Power PC will take 20% of the computer market in Puerto Rico and
there was a big order of PPC for UPR@Mayaguez.

Perhaps after the re-introduction of the Amiga in USA might re-start the
interest in some of the Latin American markets, specially Mexico and Puerto
Rico which are the two markets with most direct contact with the USA and
are considered key markets for any product that is going to be introduced
in Latin America.  However that does not guaranteed that the Amiga will be
accepted as a serious computer platform if the market is mismanaged and the
dealers are ignored.  The competition is very strong.  Clones abound in
Puerto Rico, UPR @ Mayaguez are starting to buy Pentiums to run LINUX in
their engineering labs, the same goes with their math department.   In
other ways, it is not going to be easy and I do not think that ignoring the
market would do any good either if the Latin American market is going to be
acknowledged (i.  e.  unless you want their money).

2.  Education is going to be very important.  However, is CEI targeting the
Educational market the way it is supposed to?  Engineering Majors will
demand to have engineering applications for the to use.  GNU Applications
are acceptable for computer science majors but serious CAD/CAM, Chemist
simulator, structural analysis programs are also important.  For other
majors, word processors, spreadsheets and Math Cad like programs are going
to be the ones that will be used more.  Is CEI taking care of the
application bundles that should be released at the educational market?  Are
they going to be addressed by giving other choices of OS??

3.  I would imagine that CEI will continue pushing the Amiga for video
applications and multi media.  Are you thinking into going into other
aspect of the computer development?  like client server applications,
embedded systems, machinery control systems or mission critical apps (I
hate that word)??

Will sample machines are going to be sent to software development companies
for evaluation??  Will you do like Silicon Graphics to go around in a
trailer and showing people the power of Amiga??

That's all for now.  Thanks for your time reading this lines.  You can
contact me for anything and I wish CEI luck in their future ventures.
Luis Roberto Anaya-Rivera     
A True PL/1 Hacker    
Bellcore, NJ                    Ham: N2ZXE+