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==  Review: Magitronic C-SV1500P Monitor               By: William Near  ==

HARDWARE:  Magitronic C-SV1500P multisync monitor


               No address or phone numbers given.
               All support is supplied by the dealer.

DESCRIPTION:  15 inch multisync monitor with full digital controls

PURCHASED FROM:  Lake Erie Systems and Service Inc.
                 5321 Buffalo Road
                 Erie, PA  16510

                 (814) 898-0704 - voice (ask for Bob Lechner)
                 (814) 899-1384 - fax

PRICE:  $440 U.S. 

WARRANTY:  2 years parts and labor
           2 years on the tube

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:  Any Amiga capable of Horizontally syncing between
                      30 KHz. and 64 KHz.

SYSTEM TESTED ON:  Amiga 2000 (Rev 4.4),
                   ECS chip set,
                   GForce '030 accelerator @ 50 MHz.,
                   2 megs CHIP + 6 megs FAST memory,
                   2 standard floppy drives,
                   Quantum LPS270S hard drive with Trumpcard Professional
                   ICD Flicker Free Video 2 board  

                   Screen Size - 15 inch flat screen with non-glare, dark
                   Dot Pitch - 0.28mm
                   Display Colors - Infinite
                   Resolution - 1280 x 1024 non-interlaced (max.)
                   Compatibility - All graphics modes with horizontal
                                   frequencies between 30 kHz. and 64 KHz.
                   Horizontal Sync. - 30 KHz. to 64 KHz.
                   Vertical Sync. - 55 Hz. to 90 Hz.
                   Bandwidth - 75 MHz.
                   Input Signal - Video: RGB Analog
                                  Sync: TTL Separate 
                   Signal Cable - 15-pin D-connector
                   Dimensions (HxWxD) - 14.25" x 14.5" x 15"
                   Radiation - Low radiation model meets MPR II 1990:10 

     - The monitor is an off-white color and has a lighted power button and
a control panel door on the front.  There are no speakers included with the

     - This monitor supports the Energy Star requirements for reducing
power consumption.  Since the Amiga doesn't output the proper control
signals, this feature doesn't work.  Sometimes, while rebooting into PAL
mode when using Degrader, the monitor would go into its power saving mode.
The only way I've found to recover from this is to reboot the computer.
This isn't a major problem since it doesn't occur very often. 

     - A tilt/swivel base is included with the monitor.

     - The power cord that was included with this monitor was the type that
is made to connect into the special monitor power connection on the back of
most PCs.  The dealer that I purchased the monitor from gave me a standard
3 prong power cord for use with the Amiga.

     - The signal cable is a hard-wired, 15-pin, D-shell connector.  I used
the 9-pin to 15-pin adapter that came with my Flicker Free Video 2 board to
connect the monitor to my Amiga.

     - Behind the control panel door are the following controls:
          * Degauss button

          * Memory Recall button - the monitor comes with 10 preset screen
            modes that are not very useful with an Amiga attached.  You can
            add additional presets to the monitor's memory for non-standard
            signals.  For some reason, the user-defined screen mode entries
            are mentioned in the manual, but the steps necessary to do this
            aren't covered in the manual.

          * Both the Horizontal and Vertical display size can be digitally
            controlled from a set of four buttons.  This feature is very
            handy for eliminating all ugly black borders on the Amiga's
            display area.  I can actually stretch the display too far in
            both directions!

          * Both the Horizontal and Vertical position of the display can be
            digitally controlled from a set of four buttons.  Again, this
            is a very nice feature for Amiga owners.  After you've
            stretched the screen to a desirable size, you can then center
            it on the display area.

          * The Brightness can be digitally controlled with two buttons.
            The Brightness control has a wide range of settings from too
            bright to too dark.

          * The Contrast can be digitally controlled with two buttons.  The
            Contrast control also has a wide range of settings.

          * By pressing the left and right screen positioning buttons
            simultaneously you can control the Pincushion/Barrel
            compensation of the monitor.

          * By pressing the left and right screen size buttons
            simultaneously you can control the Trapezoid compensation of
            the monitor.

COMMENTS: I must admit that I was a little concerned about the Magitronic
name, at first.  The dealer assured me that they had used many of these
monitors on clone systems with no problems whatsoever.  The two year
warranty, digital controls, 15 inch, .28 dot pitch screen, and the
unavailability of a good multisync monitor made specifically for the Amiga
at the time, all influenced my decision to purchase this monitor.

It's really nice to be able to resize the screen both horizontally and
vertically with the digital controls.  Also, the ability to center the
display on the screen in both horizontal and vertical directions is a nice
feature not found on many other monitors.  No more ugly black borders as
found when using many other clone-type monitors.

I did lose some of the Amiga's display modes when using this monitor even
though I am using a flicker fixer.  I lost DblNTSC and DblPAL under WB 3.1,
and Super72 modes.  The Super72 is no great loss, but it would have been
nice to use the higher resolution of the DblNTSC mode (since all of these
modes are 4 colors, it's not too much of a loss because I always run a 16
color Workbench.)

SUMMARY: This is a very nice monitor and it suits my needs quite well.  I
suppose the ability to sync lower than 30 KHz.  would have been nice
because then I could disable the flicker fixer and regain those lost screen
modes.  At any rate, I'm very happy with the monitor and would recommend it
to any Amiga user.