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==  Review: Music MOD and Sound Effects CD            By: Jason Compton  ==

Well, the name should pretty much remove all doubt.  This compilation of
almost 3000 mods and over 6000 sound effects is on CD-ROM, and that's it.

The CD is non-bootable, so you'll need either a regular Amiga or some way
to boot-and-switch on a CD32/CDTV.

Theoretically, anyone should be able to handle using the CD.  The layout
isn't elegant (basically, everything is alphabetical, so it's like
searching through a junk drawer) The selection, like any compilation, has
its bright spots and its clunkers, but GuitarSlinger is on there, which is
enough for me.  Dividing up the mods by style, or partitioning off some of
the more prolific artists would have been nice, but more time consuming for
Better Concepts, I'm sure.

The sound effects...well, if you like random sound effects, these are for
you.  The only specific divisions are for Beavis and Butthead (oh boy),
Speech, and Effects.  The speech directory contains quite a bit of random

The selection ensures that your US$20 will keep you occupied for quite a
while, even if there is at least one 400k mod that is on there twice, once
with an extra space and once without...

If you're a Paula fan and have a CD-ROM drive that's anxious to spin away
merrily loading MODs up, you'll have a great time.

Better Concepts, Inc.
10 Mandon Terrace
New City, NY  10956