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==  Workbench Christmas List                       By: Katherine Nelson  ==

What would YOU like to see in a new version of Workbench?  New icons, more
utilities, etc?  How about commercial software pack-ins?  Let me know!

By Christmas I hope to have a comprehensive list of suggestions for future
Workbench versions.  If you think anything is missing or could be better,
write to me at:



postal:  Katherine Nelson
         35 W 852  Highland Ave.
         Elgin, IL 60123-5043

ALL recommendations will be put on a sort of "Wish List", and be sent to
whomever purchases the Amiga Technology.

I can definitely get it noticed at CEI if they win, and I will try my
damnedest to get C= UK to read it if they win.

Please send me your opinion, since the more input the new Amiga company
gets about the OS, the more they can improve upon it.

Katherine Nelson
Assistant Editor