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==                            Press Releases                             ==

We forgot SoftWood's contact information last issue...

P.O. Box 50178
Phoenix, AZ  85076

                               PRESS RELEASE
                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nov 17, 1994
                       PRESS CONTACT: Ellen Kazmaier
                   tel: 314-894-8608; fax: 314-894-3280


(St.  Louis) Soft-Logik(tm) today announced an exclusive licensing
agreement with Digita International(R) that will bring Digita's acclaimed
Wordworth(R) word processor and new Datastore(tm) database manager to the
United States and Canada.
Digita International is the leading publisher of Amiga productivity
software in the United Kingdom, and Soft-Logik Publishing is the leading
publisher of Amiga productivity software in the United States.  With this
agreement, Soft-Logik will now market and support Wordworth and Datastore
in the United States and Canada.  Soft-Logik will also make technical
support options available to existing users of these programs in North
"The American Amiga market has undergone a lot of changes in the last
year," said Soft-Logik president Deron Kazmaier.  "It is important that
Amiga users in the United States and Canada have access to the very best
Amiga word processor and database.  We will give Amiga users here that
Wordworth 3.1 is the latest version of Digita's award-winning word
processor.  It is faster, friendlier, and more powerful than its
predecessor.  Wordworth includes advanced online help tutorials, intuitive
editing, amazing text effects, and supports PostScript(R), TrueType(R) and
Compugraphic(R) fonts.  Its real-time spell checking, drag and drop
editing, tables, built-in printer font support and enhanced PostScript
printing make it the best choice for all Amiga word processing.  Wordworth
is available immediately from Soft-Logik at a direct price of $135, and
from all American and Canadian Amiga dealers.
Datastore is a new personal database manager.  It comes with EasyStart
Templates(tm) to get users started quickly, and extensive online help. 
Datastore features mail-merge with Wordworth, forms with text and graphics,
sophisticated queries and a Navigator with VCR-style controls.  Datastore
will be available in mid-December from Soft-Logik at a direct price of $95,
and from dealers.
Soft-Logik PageStream(R) 3.0 can import and export Wordworth text.  A
document filter, which will be available early next year, can be used to
load an entire Wordworth document into PageStream to preserve the document
layout.  This means that people who start a document in their word
processor and later need the features of a desktop publisher won't have to
start the document over again.  This synergy between Wordworth and
PageStream makes these programs the best team for Amiga word processing and
desktop publishing.