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==  Darkseid's Padded Cell                               By: Roger Boal  ==

Top Ten signs you're having/gonna have a bad day
1)      The disk drive snaps at you
2)      The bird singing outside your window is a vulture
3)      The IRS want to interview your hard drive
4)      Theres a CBS/CNN newscrew waitingfor you when you get home
5)      The Tv is showing emergency routes out of town
6)      Your answering machine tells you to mind your own business
7)      Your twin forgets your birthday
8)      Your mother says good morning Robert and your name is Joe
9)      Your boss tells you not to bother sitting down
10)     You get up out of bed, wash, dress and then realise its Saturday
           and you don't have anywhere to go

The Amiga's that never where
1)      Integrated toaster
           Makes hot toast while you render (although had samsung won....)
2)      Video Toaster II (budget)
           MMMMMMMm crunchy VHS, spread with butter and strawberry jam
3)      The CD64 (pronounce Seedy 64)
           No need, the british govt fulfills this role
4)      Bill Gate Array
           Similar to the akiko chip array, but fools people into thinking
           that an expensive, crap machine is multimedia compatibile if you
           add a cdrom snd cute speakers.  Also makes money on a large
           scale by constantly forcing the user to upgrade.
5)      Games on Cartridge
           I taut I taw a Putty Cart, you did but then they relased it on
           floppy instead
6)      Warp Engine 4000/060
           The Imagine canna take it cap'n theyre gonna blow.....
7)      Ron Chips
           A new form of Memory management, which persuades chips to
           release ram by kicking their pins about, can lead to some chips
           turning up covered in cement.  Also known as the Kray
           (supercomputer) twins heheheh.
8)      The Mac-Amiga
           The Scots didnt like it so it was scrapped

Digital SuperHighway....  Roadkill ???  The internet as it stands is a
global community, basically free of advertisingie Junk Email..., without
social, economic or political divide.  You could be reading this a jew in
Palestine, an Arab in kuwait, an American in New York, a Brazilian in
Puerto Rico, a Frenchperson in Paris.  You could be jewish, catholic,
hindu, muslim, protestant, a pagan, an atheist, you could be liberal,
republican, nationalist, it doesnt matter the net doesnt judge, and from
what I've seen racism and bigotry isn't tolerated.  So why am I writing
this, well I'm worried where the net is heading, and as it seems that the
net will invade our lives be it Superhighway or whatever, how will it
affect us.Well, the suppositions are that the net will allow us to get and
send all sorts of information, wrong..  our govts are afraid of this and
will restrict us, one only has to look at the clipper chip in the us and
what happened to the guy who wrote the PGP program to see ample proof.  The
net will allow us to get newspapers on our computers, book flights, do our
banking, do our shopping and get videos on tap.  Hmm all very well and
good, but have you considered the ramifications.  If this happens you won't
need newspapers, or magazines if thats true what happens to the newsagents
and the printers, no work = no job.  The same goes for shops, travel
agents, video stores and banks, all you'll need is a computer and a few
programmers.  Also I like having to go out into the real world and interact
with real people and do real things.  Its called social behaviour , deny it
to someone and they begin to feel isolated, not a good thing in anyones
book.  We need human-human interaction in more ways than the most basic (ie
sex), it keeps our minds and souls healthy.  Try locking yourself in a room
for a week, dont meet anyone and only talk via the net, dont talk to anyone
socially, it is mentally tough...I guess what Im trying to say is, we need
to keep the net free and clean.  It is a tool for us to live our lives
with, not a way of living our lives, all Im saying is dont rush into the
future without some consideration.  Im cutting short here as I want to get
feed back on this (plus I have to go to class in about 5 min), if you
agree/disagree Mail and leave your message.  I'll
put the best bits forward in a later artcicle.  Oh yes it is relevent to
the Amiga as the amiga could be one of the machines chosen to drive the
home end of the net, just be careful with the future, we dont know what'll

Youve heard their side
Youve laughed at the far side
Youve fallen on your backside
Now read the Darkseid......