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   The installation and programs seem to work fine and there is no apparent
conflict between with the NewIcons background processes and any other
programs that I run.  Also, I have not experienced any strange Gurus since
using NewIcons either.
   As I have said before, the "patchopenwb" patch for 3.1 does not seem to
work, though its use or non-use does not seem to affect the workings of
"NewIcons" on 3.1 machines.
   The program "copy_default_icon seems to alter the icon's ".info" file
and reset it to Commodore's default; however, I may have misunderstood the
purpose of this program as not effecting the ".info" file.
   If you do a clean-up of the window, the pseudo-icons seem to lose their
default project settings.  This is not a major problem as Commodore's
operating system does not even allow for such a thing.  It's just that you
very easily get used to double clicking on a pseudo-icon and seeing "more
mydoc.txt" or "display greatpix.iff" in the WorkBench execution panel.  So
when it's not there due to a clean up, you have to go do a backspace and
manually enter the parameter -- which is what you had to do anyway if you
didn't have NewIcons.