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Supplied Stuff: "NewIcons.lha"

   · "newicons.library" library
   · "newicons" program 
   · "defIcons" program 
   · "patchopenwb" script (3.0 use only)
   · installation script and installer program
   · "" guide
   · Icons (lots and lots of um)
   · Icon utilities: "copy_new_icon," "copy_default_icon," "Kill_Icon,"
     "replaceImage", and "injectbrush."
   · 2.0 and 3.0 preset paletts (just to head you in the right direction)
   · Building Blocks (Templates for making your own NewIcon icons)
   · Screen IFF for seeing what it will look like 

   NewIcons comes with everything that you need to get started: Icons,
Library, Patches, and Programs.  An installation script takes care of the
installation of the programs and the writing of the new ToolTypes
information, into your existing icons.  The icons that the install script
missed, because they were non-standard icons not supplied from Commodore,
get changed by two easy to use point-N-click programs, "Copy_New_Icons" and
   Now keep in mind that while all this icon changing is going on, none of
your original icon information is getting affected.  However, I did find
that on occasion, the "copy_default_icon" program did change the base icon
information, so I would suggest that you hold off using this program until
you are sure that you are going to continue using the system.  The
"kill_icon" program removes the icon information from the ToolTypes section
and returns your icon back to its original state.
   The "patchopenwb" program is intended to fix the WorkBench 3.1 bug of
the crashing that occurs when the Workbench screen is closed and then
reopened.  I could not verify if this patch worked because I have 2.1.  
However, a friend of mine who has 3.1 said that the "patchopenwb" program
did not fix the 3.1 problem, but the NewIcons package did seem to work well
   The "replaceimage" program is supplied to change the ".info" information
into a small 1/4" cube.  You use this program on all of your icons if you
decide to keep NewIcons and reclaim some disk space.  The old ".info"
information is only needed for the positioning of the icon images and is no
longer used to display graphic information (as long as the icon has
"NewIcons" information in the ToolTypes.  Otherwise the system will use the
old ".info" file for icon display.)
   The "injectbrush" program takes two IFF's and turns them into a NewIcons
icon.  You can make your own from scratch or use the supplied templates
located in the "BuildingBlocks" drawer.