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From:  Bruce Chandley  (

Hi, Jason I just wanted to drop a note to you and your staff to let you
know what a great job you and your staff are doing to keep the Amiga Users
informed on the lastest product and news about the Amiga.  I wish that you
worked for amiga world and maybe they would have a good mag.  I have used
the Amiga since 1987.I was the subject of an article in the old Commodore
magizine in July of 1988 about using the Amiga in Video production.  I
firmly beleive that the amiga is the best computer for video production and
Mutimedia.  My company now Provides companys with infomation systems based
on the amiga, needless to say we are trying to hang on until something is
resolved with the current state of confusion.  Let's hope the the attorneys
involved with the handling of this feel they have made enough money and can
get on with it, so that people like myself can continue to use the amiga to
run a company that has a lot of potential in this new age of the
information highway.  Once again thanks for amiga report, and the best of
luck to you and your staff.  Keep up the great work.


From:  Joe Solinsky  (

    Darkseid wrote a fairly enjoyable note basically about Microsoft doing
something for the Amiga some day in the future.  I feel the need to voice a
dissenting opinion about that.  Support of a company like Microsoft is
something I personally would oppose on political grounds, as they have yet
to involve themselves in my life.

    I think a brief hop down memory lane is in order.  I remember reading
that Microsoft wrote a version of Basic for the Amiga.  I also remember
that it was not very good.  Was it A Basic?  I've used (like everyone else
has) their products on other platforms.  They do the job, cost a fortune,
and have an appetite for resources.  They also crash, some more than
others, but they crash in a very uninformative way.  The question of "what
did I do?" never gets answered.

    I personally think that Microsoft's employees aren't going to be given
either the go-ahead or the information to put to use the OS or the chipset
to its proper form.  For instance: I'd be willing to bet Microsoft is the
only company capable of messing up multitasking (okay, yes, there are
programs like Caligari which interrupt multitasking, but it is legal as an
exec call), and I'd also bet that a spreadsheet from them wouldn't take
advantage of a math coprocessor (as opposed to something more integrated,
like one in the CPU).  If Microsoft wrote Amiga software, we'd get a lower
standard by buying their stuff.

    Of course, there's the other thing: Bill Gates seems to have more power
over the world than Clinton does over the USA.  If his software became an
Amiga presence, I fear it would become yet another reason not to buy an
Amiga.  I don't want to think that Microsoft has as much credit for the
computer world as we know it, but it does.  By inviting a monopoly
presence, we are going to trouble the splendid diversity which I have
always relished in the Amiga community.  However, I am not afraid of
Microsoft entering the market.  If they write good software, so be it, but
they are up against some real gems (take your bows Amiga programmers, you
deserve it), and something tells me they will really have to change their
style to enter the Amiga market and go anywhere.

-Joe Solinsky
UC Riverside CS Dept.


From:  John Gustafsson  (


If there will be a future for the Amiga there is some things that are very
important.  Read on Alex, David and anyone who may be in charge of the
future of Amiga.  Here we go:

  There must be GOOD CD-ROM options for all AGA owners!  A PCMCIA solution
  is good, BUT it must be at least 100% CD³² compatible!  Another solution
  to the problem is a SCSI-II CD-ROM and a turbo/memory card.  But then
  good software for CD-ROM must exist from Amiga International (or what
  they company will be called).  CD³² games, photo-CD etc.  etc., you name
  it, it must work!
    The A4000 owners who need CD-ROM with CD³² and FMV must get a chance to
  get it cheap.  A SCSI CD-ROM and a FMV/Akiko-card should be a pretty good
  thing to go for.  The Card must have TV and S-VHS cable output and the
  FMV must be able to be outputted in the TV/S-VHS output, the normal
  monitor and in both at the same time.

  The 030 cards fore the A1200 is far to expensive and the 040/060 for the
  A4000 is very high priced!  Get the prices down.  Talk to Motorola, buy
  them out (dream on:-) ) or whatever.  We need cheaper high speed CPUs.
  The PC market got it and the Amiga needs it to survive!  Also an A4000
  with 060 is needed!  SCSI-II options for A1200 (with turbo/memory) should
  be nice.  A new A4000 (called A4000B or something) with better (and
  faster) memory, CPU (030 50Mhz, 040 40Mhz, 060 50/66Mhz), fSCSI-II should
  be the right thing to do NOW.  MagicWB and Magic User Interface!?  Get at
  good look at them...

  The Amiga is too expensive! Get good deals out. Here is one

  * A4000/040 (with a new and better 040 card running 40Mhz and high
  * CD-ROM (but not FMV)
  * 10 megs of memory or more
  * Final Writer 3.0
  * 4 good games (including least one on CD)
  * 2 months free access to InterNet (modem link)
  * A modem (14.4k or 28.8k)
  * A good monitor (C1940->)
  * Magic WorkBench (too cheap and to good to be left out)
 (* Emplant card for PC/Mac)

  All this for £1400.  Mac owners will change platform quick!  This how it
  should be...
     The cost for an A4000 shouldn't be so much higher that a PC/Mac is a
  better economic choice.

  Lower the prices a bit for games (including CD games).  Lets say loose a
  £5 and put a roof at £25.  To compete with music CDs, books, movies and
  other stuff like that, there must be good prices.
    Those pirates cracking games, they could be very useful as real coders!
  They sure as hell knows a lot about the Amiga and coding.  Use them
  instead of break them.  And all those traders, bust 'em.  They do not
  know anything useful anyway...  Look out for the 'ELITE' BBS's and those
  fools who copy CDs!
    Get good 'serious' software out!  All that MicroSoft products like
  Excel, but with the look and feel of Final Writer and the Amiga.  No
  windows here!  Work as closely as possible with the guys from Scala,
  NewTek and others.  Get SAS to make good C and C++ compilators again.  Or
  if they won't.  Buy SAS C for the Amiga and get those who worked on it to
  work for you.  They are too much needed to go away.

5.Future Amigas:
  Don't make a Windows Amiga.  I won't buy one.  And I don't know ONE
  person who would...  No matter which RISC you choose.  Make it a real
  Amiga with an Amiga OS, Blitter, Copper, WorkBench and the whole lot.
    What about that Amiga Card for the PC?  What the hell are you doing?
  The PC DOSEN'T got what it takes to run like the Amiga.  Crap memory
  system!  No copper, blitter, this means a new monitor !  And they
  keyboard is pure shit!  And not to mention to crappy busses!  And that
  Intel thingy!  DO NOT MAKE IT!  Lower prices on the A4000/040 is much
  better.  And get a PPC/Pentium card for it.  And don't forget that if it
  gets cheaper, who the hell will by an Amiga?  And who the hell wants a
  PC!  Get real...

  Get good deals for Amiga owners to get InterNet at home (modem link or
  direct link).  Get the necessary software and make other companies aware
  that the Amiga or on InterNet to stay!  Mac and PC are the much ahead
  today :-(
   A InterNet/Multimedia kit for the A4000 should be useful.  DSP for FMV
  and MPEGs from InterNet.  Much better sound (mainly for internet) and
  Akiko.  Put a SCSI CD-Rom to it and mark it for the cost of a expensive
  soundcard and CD-ROM for the PC.  You get an InterNet connection as

7.The users:
  The best users in the world.  And don't you ever forget it!  Listen to
  what they have to say.  They know what the public wants and what the
  public can pay.  They can tell you what to improve and what to avoid.
  Give us good support and it will pay.  Belive me!

  Beside the usual TV and Magazine stuff you should think about getting
  known for real!  Get as many TV stations, film/special FX makers to use
  the Amiga and SHOW IT!  Get some Super Amigas (060 66Mhz and super
  graphics card (Boasted Toaster?)) to be the number one in computer
  rending.  That is what I call getting people's eyes open!

9.Other things then pure Amigas:
  I want the credits for this and all what that means.  OK?  I think that
  the Amiga CD32 could be used in a different way...
   A few days ago I saw Pioneers LaserDisc system, Karokee and Hi-Fi.  What
  about a product including LD, FMV and CD32 (with 28Mhz 020 and 4 MB fast
  for better games and PhotoCD)!  Make it work with CD-movies, PhotoCD,
  LaserDisc, Normal CDs and Amiga CD32 games.  Make it able to control the
  eq., TV (colour, contrast etc) and things like timers.  It will be a
  smash hit!

That's all for today.

All rights reserved
©John Gustafsson


There you go... Hope there is a solution to the C=/Amiga problem soon...

//John Gustafsson


From:  JLW  (

Since you put a new issue out lately I suppose you got a lot of mail but I
thought I would drop you another line to tell you that your newsletter is
looking better all the time and I consider it the premium source of info in
the US on AMigas (or the world for that matter).

Also I would like to add an article idea: many are purchasing used AMIGAs
now (myself recently - a 2000 030)and have no idea what we cand do with is
or add to it.  Can you use VGA like the 1200?  What is possible?  This
would be a great on-going article about the many machines now being resold
to new users.  Also the 1000.

In closing I would like to mention that I work for a company that makes
floor scrubbers (Tennant - in Minneapolis) so be careful what you say about
them.  Do you want GIFs for your collection?