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==          Rules for the IRC Conference with Alex Amor of CEI           ==

The IRC conference with CEI will be November 23, 10:30 PM GMT (5:30 PM
EST), unless something major pulls Alex Amor out of the office.  All
interested should meet in IRC channel #amiga, where I will invite you into
the conference channel from.

Thanks to Mr.  Harman (Boodah on IRC) for writing these rules up for the
IRC conference. 

Rules for the IRC conference with Alex Amor:

To keep this conference as organized as possible we ask that you follow
some simple rules.  We'd like to see conferences like is in the future and
it is doubtful that CEI company officials will want to return again if the
environment that they encounter is noisy, obtrusive, and rude, and it
certainly wouldn't do much to encourage other companies to hold IRC
conferences, either.

To maintain order in the channel, it will be moderated.  Only those persons
who are designated as channel moderators or channel monitors will have
channel operator status.  Any attempt at hacking ops on a netsplit will
result in immediate deop/kick/ban from the channel for the duration of the
conference.  Please don't spoil it for the rest of us.

Voice status will be given by Jason Compton who will be the head moderator
of the channel.  To ask a question, /msg him with a subject followed by a ?
The purpose of sending him a subject will be so that he can weed out
questions that have already been answered.  Please limit your subjects to a
few words so that Jason doesn't have to take the time to read things while
trying to monitor the channel.  Also, message Jason *ONCE*, not multiple
times.  Violation of this rule will result in kick/ban from the channel.
Due to the number of conference attenders expected, most likely individuals
will only be able to ask one question.  Also, exepect that not everyone
will be able to ask a question due to time constraints.  Jason will inform
everyone if time permits for another round of questioning from conference

     *****There will be no private messaging of Mr. Amor*****

Any /msg 'ing of Mr.  Amor will result in immediate kick/ban from the
channel for the duration of the conference.  Once again, please don't spoil
it for the rest of us.

Please keep in mind that all of us wish to see conferences like this take
place in the future.  This conference will be the first of its kind and we
need to take great care to ensure that it progresses with a certain level
of decorum.