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 The NewIcons Package

 The programs and documentation were written by:
     Nicola Salmoria (

 The icon artwork was drawn by:
     Roger McVey (
 The documentation and installer were written by:
     Philip A. Vedovatti (


 NewIcons is a revolutionary enhancement to the graphical user interface
 (GUI) of the Amiga computer.  On an AGA machine, the NewIcons package
 allows users of AGA systems to view icons on their Workbench, independent
 of the Workbench palette settings.  Icons up to 256 colors can be utilized
 on the standard workbench.  A comprehensive set of NewIcon images is
 included in the package for all the standard Workbench files as well as
 several other images.  The images were drawn by the artist well-known for
 his isometric icon sets, Roger McVey.

 Included in the NewIcons package is DefIcons, which will display the
 appropriate icon for dozens of different file types that don't have icons
 attached to them.  Deficons recognizes IFF, JPEG, and GIF files, source
 codes of various languages, packed file types, mountlists, printer and
 monitor drivers, and much more.

 Both NewIcons and Deficons work on OS2.0+ systems as well (with a 16 color
 icon limitation on non-AGA machines).

 Other features include:

        o  Icons can easily be created from IFF brushes using your
           favorite paint program.  The icons will appear on your
           workbench screen in the _exact_ proper colors, no matter
           what your palette is set to (using AGA). 

        o  If you click on a "fake" icon, the Workbench "Execute
           Command" field will have the user defined default tool
           already typed in for you.

        o  Fix that CrossDos icon to look like a standard NewIcon

        o  Unique icons for RAM disks and CD-ROMS that don't have
           icon images.

        o  Comprehensive set of NewIcon manipulation utilities to
           maximize the appearance of your Workbench.

        o  Extensively beta tested.

        o  Full AmigaGuide documentation and automated installer
           script.  Your old icons will NOT be deleted!

        o  A supplemental icon set will soon be released with over
           400 NewIcon images.

        o  NewIcons and DefIcons work independently of each other,
           so you can install which features you want to use.

 NewIcons and Deficons will work on any Amiga system using OS 2.04 or
 above.  OS2.x users have a 16 color icon limitation; AGA users can use
 icons up to 256 colors.  A hard disk drive is recommended.

 Available via Anonymous FTP on any Aminet site
 (such as



 This software is FREEWARE.  It is freely distributable as long as the
 archive remains intact, and only a nominal fee is charged for its
 distribution.  This software is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any
 kind, either expressed or implied.  By using it, you agree to accept the
 entire risk as to the quality and performance of the program.