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==                            Press Releases                             ==

                      The Gateway Amiga Computer Show
                          Report by Geoff Miller

   The Gateway Amiga Computer Show was held in St.  Louis, MO on October 29
to the delight of many Amiga owners throughout the Midwest.  Even though it
was actually just a gathering held by the St.  Louis area user group, it
was very well executed and had a large attendance.  It was, of course, the
only North American Amiga show held this year!

   Here's a quick run-down of the attendees: Amiga Game Zone magazine (of
course), Amiga Library Services (Fred Fish's son was manning the booth,
having brought as many CD-ROMs as could fit in one suitcase - he flew
here!), Simple Stat Graph, Fairbrothers, Video Assistance Company &
Comp-Ani Video, Data Management and Research, Pure Logic Software (they had
their cool Wolfenstein 3D engine running on an accelerated A1200), Memphis
Amiga Group, Oregon Research (new products included Termite, a new terminal
program), Data Grafix, Noahji's (no show?), Lab Software, Cedar Computer
Center, River City Technologies, Gateway Amiga Club, Innovision Technology,
Scharp Products, Digital Imaging, Bytes for a Bit, CUCUG, Soft-Logik
(PageStream 3.0, anyone?), Digital Castle, Fastrax, PJ Nordman FX,
Whitestone Publishing (AREXX Cookbook), Flasar's Recyclables, Micro Media,
A-Z Used Computers, Intangible Assets Manufacturing (Commodore software
engineer Dale Larson was the keynote speaker - he was also promoting his
book Connect Your Amiga!), Plato Computers, FERAL, Desktop Images, DC
Productions, MicroMedia, TFSnet, and ECI Computer Exchange.  (Whew!)

   There were classes held for AREXX, DPaint, DTP, and the Toaster.  Prizes
were given away on the hour (the grand prize was a Picasso board, won by
the show's chairman!).  There was even a consignment table for show
attendees.  Many people were seeking Amiga hardware of any kind (1200s,
4000s, monitors, accelerators, etc.).  CD-ROMs were very prevalent at the
show, which is an encouraging trend.  All in all, the show ran pretty
smoothly and was good fun for everyone involved.

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                The Original Amiga Disk Recovery ToolTM

                        Now Better Than Ever!

DiskSalv 3 is the first commercial version of DiskSalv.  Developed by Dave
Haynie and published by Intangible Assets Manufacturing, it is the fourth
major revision of DiskSalv, and it offers features never before found in
DiskSalv or other Amiga disk utilities.  While it would be difficult to
list every new feature of DiskSalv 3 in a reasonably short announcement
letter, new features include:

* A Hot New Look

  The DiskSalv 2 user interface has been completely reworked.  While the
  best features have been retained, much has been improved.  The font
  sensitivity is better than ever -- why should a utility tell you which
  font you must use?  The overall look is cleaner, with graphical queues
  throughout that enhance operations without making undue demands on your
  system's memory or pretending to be a video game.  Gadgets and help texts
  are context sensitive.  Device selection throughout is drag-and-drop,
  though of course enhanced list selection is still available for the
  asking.  Interactive AmigaGuide links are provided for every gadget and
  menu function, available at the press of the HELP key.

* An Ounce of Prevention...

  A disk can now be checked for troubles without actually making any
  repairs, for extra confidence.  Deleted directories, files, and data can
  be permanently erased for added security, program releases, etc. 
  Traditional full or incremental backups are supported, in the same style
  as DiskSalv's recovery functions.

* ...And a Pound of Cure

  You still get traditional DiskSalv functions, only better.  Undeletes can
  often be performed in-place.  A fully redesigned filter mechanism
  supports pattern matching on full pathnames, file notes, dates, file
  sizes, and/or protection bits.  Pattern matches can be used to include a
  file in a scan, exclude it, or stop a scan on a match.  Any number of
  filter groups may be active at the same time, and such groups may be
  loaded from disk.

* When Time Counts

  A new intelligent prefetching disk cache, buffered file I/O, and improved
  internal design makes DiskSalv faster than ever.  The scroll bar
  calculations have been refined for greater accuracy.

* There's Nothing to Lose

  Device description editing and volume searching functions have been
  greatly enhanced.  DiskSalv can freely convert between its internal
  device format, standard Amiga ASCII format (DOSDrivers files), and Rigid
  Disk Blocks (the standard autoboot format).

* Going by the Book

  A complete, on-line AmigaGuide manual is included to aid both beginner
  and advanced user.  Details range from the basics through a complete
  theory of operation.  Decriptions of all DiskSalv file formats and
  associated C Language "include" files are also supplied.

  Environmental awareness is a DiskSalv tradition.  Back in the DiskSalv 1
  days, Dave encouraged folks to "register" the shareware by sending money
  to Greenpeace.

  After careful consideration of the environmental impact of printed
  manuals for frequently updated computer software, we have decided to
  provide only AmigaGuide documentation.  We believe that you will
  appreciate having completely up-to-date documentation with hypertext
  links and will appreciate our contribution to the health of our Earth.  
  Additionally, the entire DiskSalv package is reusable, so there won't be
  anything you have to throw away or recycle without getting at least one
  more use from it.

**SPECIAL NOTE: This offer replaces the "semi-commercial manual" for
                DiskSalv 2 offer made in the DiskSalv V11.27 release.
                Everyone who ordered the DiskSalv 2 manual will get
                DiskSalv 3 instead.

                If you purchased DiskSalv 2 with the expectation of printed
                documentation and are unhappy with receiving DiskSalv 3
                instead, we will cheerfully issue a full refund on receipt
                of your returned software and a note explaining your


  All this for only $40.00 plus shipping and handling.  Here is
  where to get it...

  In the U.K., IAM products are distributed exclusively by:

        Almathera Systems Limited
        Southerton House
        Boundary Business Court
        92-94 Church Road
        Mitcham, Surrey
        CR4 3TD

        (081) 687 0040
        fax: (081) 687 0490

  In Australia, contact:

        Matt Christou
        20 Clotilde St
        Mt Lawley
        Perth, Western Australia
        Australia, 6050

        (09) 271 0624

  In Germany, all other IAM products are available from Hirsch & Wolf, but
  the German version of DiskSalv3 is distributed by:

        Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe
        Gesellschaft fur Software mbH
        Veronikastr. 33
        45131 Essen

  Everywhere else, go to your Amiga dealer or order direct from IAM.  IAM
  accepts Visa and Mastercard in addition to checks and money orders in
  U.S.  dollars.  PA residents add sales tax.  Shipping and handling
  charges (for Parcel Post/Air or Priority Mail): US and Canada: $5/$8,
  elsewhere: $8/$15.  IAM accepts orders by email, fax, mail and telephone
  (in that order of prefrence).   -- for an automated response with info on IAM
                          and its products, including an order form.

        Intangible Assets Manufacturing
        828 Ormond Avenue
        Drexel Hill, PA  19026-2604

        +1 610 853 4406
        fax: +1 610 853 3733

(If you have or have had trouble reaching us by phone, please try 215
instead of 610 and please let us know about the problem.  The area code
split in 215 earlier this year has caused problems for a small percentage
of telephone users worldwide.)

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The following is information authorized for print by SoftWood, Inc.

FinalCalc (FC) is a high-end spreadsheet that aims at providing the Amiga
with something to compete with the top spreadsheets in the 'outside world'.

Its main formula recalc engine has been written to be significantly more
powerful than the current generation of spreadsheets.  The engine always
does a 'natural' recalc.  i.e. formulas are evaluated in the order of their
inter-dependancies, no matter how complex, making sure that the result of a
formula is correct.

The recalc engine always runs in the _background_.  The user never waits
for FC to recalculate.  You keep on editing cells while FC chugs along in
the background, catching up and updating the display as you work.  This is
very smooth and has to be used to be believed.  Even with this, the recalc
code itself is very fast anyway, recalculating only what has changed or
needs to be recalculated, not the entire project.

FinalCalc's user interface is designed to be both easy to use, and
power-user friendly.  Everything is keyboard/hotkey driven as well as mouse
driven.  Almost every function, requester, feature can be controlled from
the keyboard without using the mouse.  The user interface can come up on
any screen mode and use any Amiga font, even changing the screen mode
and/or the user font on the fly.

FinalCalc supports multiple sheets per 'Project'.  (a project can consist
of 1 to 254 sheets, each containing a maximum of ZZZ (18277) columns and
65000 rows.)

I won't go into more details now.. but FC has very powerful printing
features, great 2D and 3D graphs, more than 630 arexx/script commands, and
tons of features.

If you have any questions or comments... I'm here.  (smile)


We will mail information and upgrade offer later this month.  Here is
what's new in FW3:
- drag and drop text editing
- type and spell--option to spell check as you type
- dictionary hyphenation option
- easy page numbering without the need to know about master pages
- easy header/footer setup without the need to know master pages
- enhanced text selection including triple-click, quad-click, shift
  extended selection, and enhanced text selection while dragging mouse
- "no warning" auto-save option
- polygon and beizier special shape drawing tools
- selective display of master page items on first only, all but first, and
  all pages of section
- enhanced page number formatting
- more precise "snap to" grid for graphics and text blocks
- ability to use more than one language for spelling and typing (requires
  purchase of extra dictionarys)

Most of the new features have to do with making FW easier to use.

Final Data was written in-house by SoftWood. Final Data is an easy-to-use,
flat file data manager--it is not intended to stack up against SBasePro.
Its purpose is to provide a simple, yet powerful way for people to
orgainize and print lists of information on their Amiga.  It is ideal for
tasks such as:

- name and adress lists (friends, customers, business contacts, etc.)
- collections of any type (video, CD, stamp, coin, etc.)
- reference material such as titles of books and periodicals
- home inventory, bills, birthday reminders, and appointments

Final Data is not a relational database manager.  Although many databases
can be open at the same time, each database contains one file and knows
nothing about other databases.

A Final Data database appears on the screen as a table with rows and
columns similar to the way a spreadsheet looks.  Viewing a database in this
manner lets you look at a lot of information at the same time.  Columns may
be narrowed or widened by dragging a column's border with the mouse.

Data is entered into cells in a similar manner as entering data into a word
processor or text editor.  As you go from cell to cell entering data the
program verifies that the information you enter is consistent with the type
of information expected.

Final Data can arrange data in any desired sequence.  A unique feature
gives you the option of sorting either an entire database or only selected
rows.  The search and replace feature lets you make changes in the same
manner as in a word processor.

You can print a database in either label or columnar report format.  Final
Data prints reports complete with page headings that included title and
page number.  Reports may also be printed with totals and row counts.

Labels can be defined in a variety of user-defined formats.  Labels can be
printed from one to many across a page.  Final Data uses a printer's
built-in fonts for maximum speed and readability.

Final Data was programmed fromthe beginning with ARexx in mind.  There are
over 75 Final Data ARexx commands that you can use to develop scripts.
There is also a user-defined ARexx menu you can use to acess your scripts.