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==                          Darkseid's Opinion                           ==

[The opinions expressed herein are Darkseid's fault.  Amiga Report's
editorial staff takes no responsibility for him.  :) -JC]

If I remember correctly the Sega Megadrive/Genisis use a Motorola 68000 as
their base processor along with a few 6852s and a few custom chips.  The
Amiga family use the 68000 series, 68060 anyone ??.  Now if Ive read
correctly, Commodore Uk under David Pleseance, MBO is being backed by the
Chinese.  This particular firm knocks out Sega compatible clones, at a
greatly reduced price, without infringing any copyrights.  What say the
tech heads get together and build a cross platform that can run Sega carts
/cds and Amiga cds/floppies.....  AMEGACD64 anyone ......  Maybe Im being
paranoid but then again..........

The risc based floor scrubber....  Lew Eggebrecht has announced a new
development in the processor.  With a new gate array design the scrubber
can now run at 4.2 mips (Meter ImPecably Scrubbed) and with the new fpu can
use 3d routines to clean well into the corners.  Unfortunately teething
problems have led to the inline cd drive being scrapped due to it jumping
tracks when the scrubber is running at full capacity.  The 68060 is being
considered for a budget model, this how ever will only be able to run at
3.13 mips due to restrictions in the dma (direct Mopping access) and a
hereditary fault in the vram adaptor (it cant get Mtv).  The new risc
scrubber is being tentatively called the Fs1800rs and will come with power
steering, air conditioning and alloy wheels as optional extras retail price
is expected to be in the region of $1250.99.  ;)

The 68060 and its uses for the future.

A 4000/60 is an attractive prospect, its specs say it is at least 45-50%
more powerful than the 040, say ...  what happened to the 050?...  As per
usual, motorola are releasing the standard clock speeds, but I would say
some naughty people will clock em up a bit with new timer chips, see most
of the 1200 ram/accelerator cards, mind you they are running well within
their operating tolerances but it could, no will shorten the life span of
the chip.  Back to my topic, most US (oxymoron methinks) will be most
familiar with the Amiga through the Video Toaster, which goes to show it
takes more than a fast cd drive and speakers to make a multimedia machine.
Whereas Eurousers (Hmmm goood combination) will be more used to it as a
games/work machine.  For the games player, the 060 aint gonna make a blind
bit of difference, well not for a few years yet, mind you flight sims would
be simply stunning and Frontier (Excellent 'game') would be completely jaw
dropping 68000-020 is impressive but that whooooarrrhhggghhhh.  Work users
ie home dtp/video titling again not that much of an impact, maybe if you
are heavily into 3dart/rendering (and win the lottery ;) ) it would make a
difference.  The place where it 'will' make most waves is inside the
toaster, I know you can get the screamer ($12,000.00 >8^O) or the Oven both
of which are very quick.  The 060 however will slot onto the mother board
taking up less room and for all those who got mmu/fpu less 68lcs provides a
great way of powering up your machine (030-060 whoo baby).  The power the
new chip gives 'could' mean that the time spent rendering could be slashed,
Sgi machines are very good at that, the 060 cant quite match them but smart
people do all the work during the day and naff off home at night leaving
the machine to render away quite happily overnight.....  So to sum up, for
now the 060 is an expensive luxury, most users won need it, but if youre
serious about rendering, or its your job and you dont have some sort of
accelerator already the 060 could be what you need.  As for me, well Im
only a student, running one of the last 1.3 500s (soon to be wb2.04), and I
sont have much cash, Ah well I wonder would the bank let me mortgage my
liver or kidneys...........

[Yes, we realize the Screamer isn't really available, but he doesn't.  -JC]

The macs use the 6800x0 motorola chips as their cpu.  The powermacs use a
risc chip as their cpu, they run most of the old software as well as the
new specially written applications.  The Amiga uses the motorola 6800x0
chips as well, does it not follow that the Amiga risc could 'borrow' the
powermac cpu for use in 'the next generation' or perhaps to help in the
design of the AmigaRisc.  The AmigaRisc in my opinion (for what its worth)
is a good idea but I feel that the custom chip setup which gives us the
flexibity (unless youve got wb 1.3 ;) )we 'enjoy' is still appropriate so
rather than designing a super quick cpu which has to do it all ala the
powermac/pc or pentium (boooo hisssssss) that the ARC (amiga risc chip)
should consist of a modularised unit, with Denise/Gary/Paula/Agnus et all
being built into the ARC which would allow the power/speed of the cpu to be
used for the processing and not being slowed down by having to generate
beeps and throw memory around, compare a 286 pc to a 500, to see what I
mean, the pcs chip has to do all the work and thus is sluggish (the chips
are similarly aged) whereas the 500 although slower (in clock speeds) can
keep up and unlike the pc has windows (1.3 heheh) and can multitask, no
please wait printing garbage.....  I hope you can see what Im getting at