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==  compt.sys.editor.desk                          By:  Jason Compton   ==


That's really all I can say when I look at Amiga Report these days.  So
I'll say it again.


As of Amiga Report 1.04, April 9, 1993, the editor, Rob Glover, considered
a 120k issue to be rather large.  AR listed only two dealers and two
distribution BBSes.  Straight text.  A press release for PageStream 3.0.
Rumors of the Amiga 5000.

AR 1.10.  More dealers, same format...rumors of the Amiga 1400.

AR 1.15.  Hey, now we're getting somewhere.  Robert Niles' arrival means
AR goes to AmigaGuide (little-known fact: Niles, even as "technical
editor", was the guy AmigaGuiding the magazine all along, which is really
the hardest I make Copy Editor Katie Nelson do it, as I
discovered upon taking over the editorship that I'm not particularly good
at it.) A non-US BBS is on the list, which is 4 BBSes long.  Oh yeah, AR
still carried NewsBytes.

Fast forward to the present.  Amiga Report has dozens of official
distribution BBSes, has repeatedly been the #1 AmiNet download on weeks it
is released, and our dealer directory is so big we've separated it by
continents.  Oh yeah, and we manage to find enough material in 2 weeks or
so to put out a magazine which often breaks the 200k barrier.

So we've had to cheat and kick it down to 2 weeks.  For that, I do
apologize...I myself remember looking forward to its arrival on Friday
nights or Saturday mornings every week.

Anyway, I had a point, and it's this: I'd like to thank everyone who has
been a part of Amiga Report up until now-specifically the readers.  There
are thousands-some say tens of thousands-of you out there now.  You're the
only reason we're doing this, because AR is certainly not a cash cow, as
our writers will attest to.

And to those writers, who have so generously given up their work free of
charge-thank you, and keep it up. :)

Why stop now?  There's no place to go but up, as long as you keep reading.
We'll find things to talk about.

Speaking of which:  Be sure to check out the details of the CEI conference
on IRC this Wednesday (the 23rd) at 10:30 PM GMT (5:30 PM EST).

As for CEI, they've been up to a few things lately.  They started selling
off the items they bought at the C= US auction in September.  On the menu
are CDTVs, CDTV-IIs (CDTVs with built-in floppy), 1950 monitors, and even
some C= 65s.  Some 3400 motherboards (predecessor to the 4000) have been
found, and they even have a 3000+ or two (probably not for sale, though.)

Watch for Games Editor Sean Caszatt to join the staff in the near future. 
Sean, editor of Amiga Entertainment Monthly, has agreed to end AEM and join
Amiga Report.  We look forward to his contributions.
On the buyout front: No word from C= UK lately other than this:  The
DevCon that they were planning for before the WOA show at Wembley will be
rescheduled to February 1995, but they do want to hold a half-day session
the first day of the show to get everyone together.

For CEI- they had people in the Philippines last week checking the
available inventory.  In short, many boxes are mislabeled and a significant
portion of the inventory itself is damaged: returned 1200s with "failed"
test tags and the like.  CEI wants to adjust its bid to reflect their
disappointment, but still would like to sign their contract by Wednesday.

Stick with us: we'll keep on top of it.


P.S.  Many of you have asked for an Amiga Report Index.  There are
currently at least two in the works, and I'll try to get at least one of
them before the end of the year.  It will definitely include all
AmigaGuided issues (1.14 to present).  We'll include 1.01-1.13 if we're in
a very good mood.

*** I'll be on vacation in December.  Starting December 10 and lasting
until the first week in January, I will be at a different address.  I will
still be able to check the voice line, but faxes and mail to the currently
listed information will not reach me.  For that time period, use
1203 Alexander Ave.                       FAX: 708-741-0689
Streamwood, IL  60107

(E-Mail will still reach me)