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                              * PIONEERS BBS *
                        ** A PREMIER GENEALOGY BBS **
              ** WEST COAST - Amiga Virus Busters Support BBS  **
                        ** CD32 REVIEW Support BBS **
                                   AND NOW
                    Official Amiga Report Distribution Site
                         * Running EXCELSIOR! BBS *
                       Michael & Marthe Arends, Sysops
                            FidoNet:  1:343/54.0
             206-775-7983 Supra 14.4k v32.bis  24hrs - 7 days
                             EDMONDS, Washington

  New users can call and get ANY copy of Amiga Report. Just call using
  the Name "Long Distance" and the password "Longdistance"(without the
  quotes of course).  Users using this account will have full access to
  ALL past and present issues of AMIGA REPORT starting with the premier
  issue. The latest issue of Amiga Report can be Freq'ed (FileREQusted)
  from here as "AR.LHA", Freq's are valid at ANY time.