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==                             Reader Mail                               ==

From: Miles Goodhew <>
Subject: GPFax review - comments.


    I was just reading your review of GPfax in AmigaReport #?, and thought
I might give you some feedback.  I couldn't find a general return address
for AReport, so it seems that your address is the one.

    Yes, Greg Perry's a doctor (philosphical type, not medical - No, I
don't know what field it's in either).  I've met him, and he's got a beard
to prove doctorial status!

    You were saying something along the lines of "goofy near-pastel
colours", and "own custom screen with a custom GUI".  If you ask me, better
descriptions would be "nasty hack of a hardwired interface with a
full-screen containing 8-or-so buttons which could all be replaced by
menus" (but seriously, how often do you need to get "About" info - does it
therefore need an easy-to-access button?).

    I may sound like I hate this program, but ti's really only the
interface which is bad, functionally it's quite good.  Indeed, compared to
all the other fax programs I have (i.e.  none), it excells in all areas.
Another minor quibble is the fact that it DEMANDS!!  that I enter a
business name, even though I want to use GPfax for personal use only (lots
of faxed from "Chickensexers, inc.", I suppose) - the manual's a bit calmer
on this point.

    Another thing is that A4 paper (as opposed to USLetter) is the standard
in Australia, and Europe (and indeed most of the world outside North
America, possibly excluding Japan, as far as I know), which is why it's the
default for GPFax.  A4's a more versatile form, as you can do "cute" things
like cut an A4 page in half and get two pages of exactly half the size
(surprise, surprise), yet still the same shape (A5).  Similarly you can
stick two together to get an A3 page (albeit a rather tacky one).  - The
wonders of A-size pages!

     Thanks, a good review.


	- The business name demand may be more a function of fax "regulations"
	and standards than Dr. Perry's cruelty.  Thanks for the paper

Subject: Some comments about AR

Hello Jason!

I've been reading Amiga Report since it started.  I think it's an
*excellent* source of information.  The only one I trust, as a matter of
fact.  And I loved the CEI conferences!  I have some general

1.  There seems to be some problems with the Installer script.  Here's what
I get when trying to install: "Sorry...  an Error Has Occured!
Interpreter: Executing non-function".  I also have some problems viewing
pictures (I can't view the pictures in all my AR's).

2.  I like the new layout.  There seems to be a tiny "bug", though:
MultiView thinks that there is more text to read to the right of every
article (the horizontal scrollbar has plenty of space left, to the right).
But when I drag the scrollbar to the right I see just emptyness.  This
"bug" occurs on about every page, even the table-of-contents.  This was not
the case of the former Amiga Report layout.

3. I would love to see some articles about the new programming language,
Amiga-E.  It seems like a very exciting language.  It apparently has most
features of C, but seems much more easy to use and understand.

Finally, keep up the good work!  I still can't understand how you people
can make such a great mag for free...

Best regards,
  _        _
 /_)      /_)
/ obert /__)jvrn    EMail:   FidoNet: 2:204/404.44

	- As for the installer...I sometimes have problems myself.  We'll fix
	it...eventually.  The side-scroll problem should be fixed this time.
	As for articles on E...anybody want to write one?
	- We're not sure how we do it, either.

Subject: Suggest/Request for Amiga Report

Greetz from Darkseid 

This might come as a shock but I'd like to suggest something to you and
all the Amiga Report subscribers/readers/contributors.  Many people out there
in the 'real' world :) will be familiar with Pc's & Macs :( and so will
very probably use Microsoft software in one form or another....:(
Now this aint so bad as it is quite good ;) on occasion, eg Word6 handy
idiot typer corrrector (I need it.....:) ).  Now wouldn't it be nice to
have Microsoft Products for our dearly (departed ;) ) beloved machine
the Amiga, even if it was just AGA +

Now some of you will howl (and prob flame) how dare I suggest such a thing
well, I dare because it makes sense, if we can get the big name software
we can get more attention and sales ie the Amiga doesnt go the way of the
of the atari falcon (he heh heheh ;) ).  What I would request/suggest is 
all Amiga Report'ers would e-mail Bill Gates and pester him as to why he hasnt
produced software for the Amiga (we've had windows for years...) and if
he intends to, if he gets enough mail he'll pay attention..... :)

His E-mail tag is, mail him, but do it nicely NO RUDE

Also Would it be possible to get Him/Microsoft on the conference to answer
questions or a discussion etc ?? How bout it JC ????  

Ah well Id better sign out now, thangyooovermuchh for readin

	- We'll see.  At this point, I doubt MS would blink an eye.  Maybe if
	the new company, when it comes about, puts a positive face on the
	whole thing...