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==  Review:CD Solutions' CD1401 Monitor            By:Mark De La Gardie  ==

        CD-1401 14-inch color monitor

        14-inch autosync color monitor

        Name:           CD Solutions
        Address:        2551 San Ramon Valley Blvd.,Ste.256
                        San Ramon, California 94583

                        John A.Milich
                        President, CD Solutions

        Telephone:      (510) 820-5400
                        (510) 820-4115 (FAX)

        Suggested retail price is $549.00


               This monitor is compatible with any Amiga/CD32 computer.
               As with other monitors,the A3000 uses it as is and the AGA
               computers require a 15 pin(female)to 23 pin(female)video
               adapter.  The A2000 needs a flicker fixer/deinterlacer.



                12Gauge 50/50 mhz accelerator
                8 megs 32bit Ram
                2 megs chip  Ram
                40 meg IDE HD/200 meg ext.SCSI HD


   Installing the 15 pin signal cable into the video port is a breeze.
   Just be sure you have the power supply turned off on the monitor and the
   computer.  Failure to do so could result in damage to you and your
   equipment.  Void warranties and read the owners manual for additional


   I've found as of late that the Commodore 1960,1942 series monitors in
   new condition are not to be found.  My 1960's case was not very well
   constructed, but after using the CD-1401, I think I found the perfect
   replacement, or upgrade, for a 1084 or similar models.

   I happen to live in the same city in which the CD Solutions's office is
   located, so I called and arranged an interview with Mr.Millich, the
   president of CD Solutions.  When I walked into his office, the first 
   thing I saw was a A1200HD connected to a CD-1401.

   After about twenty minutes of talking to Mr.Millich, I came to the 
   conclusion that he was very knowledgeable in the current events with the
   Amiga and that he knew the situation should be wrapping up shortly,
   as we all hope.

   Mr.Millich talked about his company and its continued support for the
   Amiga platform.  As we know, others have put things on hold until the
   dust settles.  Mr.Millich has great faith that the Amiga will continue,
   and with support and proper marketing, he expects its user base to
   expand.  I was suprised to also find out that his company uses A1200's
   to perform diagnostic and final acceptance tests on all of the monitors
   leaving his manufacturing facility in southern California.  After we
   chatted for a bit, he agreed to let me use a CD-1404 to test, and write
   this Review.

   Mr.Millich enlightened me on the proper handling of a monitor. During
   packing, unpacking and transportation, a monitor should never be allowed
   to have the screen face upwards.  This would allow dust from the screen
   to fall down and come to rest on the monitor's other components and
   possibly cause damage to it.  I learned something I never thought of
   before, this is also true with a television.  Mr.Millich also works in
   sales and engineering.

   The first thing I noticed was a very crisp screen display and the lack
   of slight jittering my 1960 gave me.  The display on the CD1401 is
   solid, and less straining on my eyes, extending the time I can spend
   using my A1200.  I also put the CD-1401 through all the screen modes my
   A1200 has and found that the ease of adjusting the borders and lack of
   black borders on most modes very appealing, as with my 1960,I have
   always had problems getting the adjustments made to my satisfaction.
   To be honest I could never get the productivity mode to center correctly
   and to be of any use to me with my 1960, with the CD-1401 I made the
   adjustments easly and used the productivity mode extensively during my
   tests of this monitor, also utilizing the A1200's mode promotion
   feature.  The edge to edge display capability is a great feature.  I ran
   demos,games and animations and all the productivity software I have and
   was impressed with the monitor's display of everything I used with it.

   The monitor is basicly the same size as the 1960,and is simular in
   looks.  Another appealing feature is that all the manual control knobs
   are located under the bottom of the front panel- nicely hidden,but
   easily accessable.  The swivel base is easly moved and has more of a
   upward swing to adjust the screen display angle than the Commodore 1960.
   The power switch is a push type, located on the lower right front, with
   the power lamp built into it.  It lacked the pop-open door the 1960 has,
   with the thin adjustment knobs hidden inside.  It appears to be very
   well contructed.

   17 page owners manual and warranty card is inclosed

   lack of black borders, edge to edge display, location of manual control
   knobs, ease of adjustments.

   There is really nothing to dislike about this monitor though a few
   people I spoke with stated it would be nice to have composite-video
   input, and of course 17 and 20 inch models

   As I stated in the above review,the CD-1401 is very similar in
   appearance to the Commodore 1960, but that's about all.  The overall
   performance and the monitor specs. are better than the Commodore 1960 in
   almost all areas, considering they are priced comparitivly, if you can
   even find a new 1960 these days.

   none found during my 10 day evaluation period

   CD Solutions has a Phone and FAX lines and appear to very conerned about
   the Amiga platform.  I never needed to call for assistance, but from
   earlier conversations I believe if assistance is needed, CD Solutions is
   only a Phone call away.

        There is a one year warranty.

   During my 10 day evaluation period, I really enjoyed using the CD-1401,
   and hated to return it back to CD Solutions and Mr.Millich.

   When the time comes for the need of a second monitor,or if my 1960 dies,
   the CD-1401 would be ideal, and I would recommend it as a monitor to
   look into as a replacement or upgrade, in this price range of monitors.
   One last point of interest, the CD-1401 is a multi-platform monitor, it
   can be used with IBM PC, Mac, and Nec9800 series computers according to
   CD Solutions.

        This may be freely distributed in its original form.