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        GameSmith Development System

Professional Game development is made easy with the GameSmith Development
System from Oregon Research.  Over three years in development, the
GameSmith Development system gives you the low level power to create the
masterpiece of your dreams.  With GameSmith you can easily create anything
from arcade shoot 'em ups to graphic role playing adventures, from fast
scrollers to hair rasing strategy games.  The only limit is you

The GameSmith system provides you with:

- Complete animation system with double buffering 
- Prioritized object display 
- Custom Object/Object & Object /Background Collision Detection & Response
- Automatic placement and Animation of Multi-Sequenced animated objects 
- Chain Objects, animating one animates the whole chain! 
- Automatic Virtual Space object handling 
- Dynamic Animation Control 
- Easy to use Joystick polling routines 
- Very efficient ILBM picture loader 
- Optional custom encryption to protect your artwork and sounds 
- Fully AGA compatible 
- Transparent double buffering 
- Hardware level smooth scrolling on a per viewport basis 
- Independently scroll playfields in dual playfield mode 
- Parallax scrolling 

Build up your animations graphically in the interactive character animator
CITAS.  Customize all aspects of the object including sequence, placement,
speed, display method & priority, object collision detection parameters. 
Save everything out as a single object addressable by the system.  The
package has over 350 pages of documentation fully describing the system,
utility functions, and over 130 library functions complete with a detailed
tutorial and many examples.
GameSmith works on all Amiga systems and requires a C compiler or 680x0
Assembler to use, support for Pascal and HiSoft BASIC 2 is coming. 
GameSmith retails for $129.95 and is available now.

For more information or a copy of detailed product literature contact:

Oregon Research 
16200 S.W. Pacific Hwy., Suite 162 
Tigard, OR 97224 
Ph:(503) 620-4919 
FAX: (503) 624-2940 
Genie: ORA
CompuServe: 71333,2655