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==  The Amiga Community                               By Celso Martinho  ==

Hi there,

This is my second article to AR.  It's 3 am and I'm bored so I decided to
write it while I'm eating some peanuts.

If you're reading this crap is just because the AR editor had nothing
better to put here and decided to waste some network bandwidth.  :-))

Back to the main subject, Amiga!

Is the Amiga community falling apart ?  Amiga users lost the faith in Amiga
and don't believe anymore that it can yet be a well succeeded machine in
the market ?  I wouldn't blame them.  At the time when I wrote the 1st
article (this is was 2/3 months ago) the Amiga owners were to be known next

Surprisingly, to many, the answer to this 2 questions, to my point of view,
is NO!

I can't believe that in the last 3 months, so many good software was
developed to the Amiga.  Mostly Public Domain/Shareware as commercial
houses don't have a reason to waste money.  Who is going to buy a Word
Processor or a Image Processing program for the Amiga these days knowing
that there is the possibility that the company will drop support ?  Not me!

Aminet continues growing.  Everyday I see software for free or for a
minimal contribution fee that has the quality of some commercial products
for other platforms.  Amiga is really a winner here.

Some people say that the Amiga was becoming over-priced.  Those tend to
forget that it's not only hardware that costs money but also software so I
ask: Can you get so much for so less in any other platform ?

I never thought that the Amiga was over-priced, even considering only the
hardware.  What I must say is that the Amiga is not for dummies or people
that want a computer to turn on, write the document, print, turn off.  The
Amiga is a computer to be explored and for open minded people.  Those know
that they have Localbus, Autoconfig, Deluxe preemptive multitasking and
much more.  And they know that they paid much less for it than they would
for other systems.

Some call Amiga users a community and I agree.  There is this unexplainable
commitment with the Amiga feeling that *we*, that know it well, can't find
anywhere else.  I remember the defunct Commodore advertising the Amiga in
the early days saying "The limit is your imagination".  So I thought, a
machine w/o any limitations ?  I'll buy one :-)).  That was my first A500.

It will really depress me if the Amiga dies.  I hope it doesn't but the
future isn't very bright is it ?  Don't get me wrong, I know it's only a
machine, a bunch of electronic components put together in a box.  But I
guess that after all these years, the Amiga has gained the right to be
personalized to some.

The saddest news I had in last weeks was the announcement from SAS that
they will drop SAS/C developing and support in December.  I don't think
there is a reason to worry tho.  Whoever buys the Amiga knows that there
must exist a well supported commercial package for software developing.
AmigaDOS was already being upgraded using SAS-C.  If the Amiga survives,
SAS/C does for sure.

Good news.  There is a another Unix clone for the Amiga coming and it
multitasks with AmigaDOS.  The Emplant PC is *almost* a reality and for
some messages I've seen from betatesters, it seems that it really works as

The Networking software is one of areas in which the Amiga is becoming
better and better every day and it's really a dream having your Amiga
connected to the net with such a great OS running in the background.

[I'm out of peanuts]

Well, I don't have much more to say anyway...

As in the "Bon Jovi" song, the one in the CD-32 FMV demo CD, keep the faith
(Hmmm..  ?) !  :-)

Celso Martinho / Portugal.