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==  compt.sys.editor.desk                          By:  Jason Compton    ==

It's becoming downright infuriating.

The rest of the computer world marches on as Pentiums get (relatively) dirt
cheap and Apple tries to convince the US market that there's a Mac your 3
year old kid can do a video presentation on that will get you a promotion
at work.  And the waiting continues for the Amiga buyout to be completed.

November 4th was another one of those "guidelines", this time for Commodore
UK's MBO to sign their contract.  If they did sign it, by the rules of the
buyout, the proceedings will go to a public bid in a month, at which point
any party that wants to can bid for the Amiga, and the last bid is the one
for the most money.

However, CEI, unhappy with the way things were going, decided to go to the
liquidators with a new proposal: They would sign a new contract, based on
their own private bid, and take the Amiga immediately, asking that the
public bid be eliminated.

This was the middle of last week.  On November 4th, I was unable to reach
either CEI or C= UK, and a call to the liquidator's office told me he
wasn't in.  Today (Monday), my budget only allowed me to try calling CEI,
and neither Alex Amor nor Dave DiFelici were in.

In short, I don't know anything at this point.  If something momentous
happens, Amiga Report readers will be the first people I tell.

Just hold on...a bit longer...


PS - As this issue is going out, CEI has had a contract written up to
purchase the Amiga.  The liquidators met with them Monday in CEI's
hometown, and are now going over the contract.  C= UK has not yet signed
their own contract.  If they don't, and CEI does sign, it will go up for
court approval.