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==                             Reader Mail                               ==

From: Johan Van Houtven (

Here are my coments about some of the things that were said on the recent
CEI Conference on Portal.

1) Alex Armor said nothing really important that I (we ?) didn't already
know.  Not that I blame him for this.  Maybe there was nothing more to
tell.  And it wouldn't be very wise for him to tell us things that his
competitors would also like to know, would it?  :)

"CEI-Alex: [...] a German concern [...] "

Why didn't Alex name the "German concern"?  ESCOM.  Does Alex know what he
is up against?

Here are some loose thoughts about ESCOM:

Does Alex know that Scala might be 'behind' (can't find the right word,
sorry) ESCOM's bid?

Some ex-C= managers are now working for ESCOM.  In Holland you have 'Mr.
Van Thienen' (sp?), in Belgium you have 'Mr.  De Waegeneire' (sp?).

You can see Scala's InfoChannel running in several Escom shops in Holland.

I have heard that ESCOM is determined to outbid every bid from David

Scala needs the Amiga, at least for a while, to sell InfoChannel systems. 
Scala has most of the ex-C= engineers.  Do I need to remind anybody of

2) It were the remarks of some Ex-Commodore engineers that made the
conference most interesting, IMHO.

Dave Haynie:

   I just had a question or two to call on the AAA vs.  RISC issue.  One
might wonder if the current engineers' recommendations against AAA is based
on the fact that no one involved with AAA is actually left at C=, rather
than its suitability versus a RISC project that is [a] not Amiga compatible
in the least, and [b] not yet in silicon.  The RISC project certainly makes
a better CD32.  I don't necessarily believe it makes a better A4000, at
least not yet.

My thoughts:

DaveH works for Scala.  Scala needs Amiga's.  Scala would like to have AAA
systems (today).  :) Scala fears that if DavidP or CEI have it their way,
there will never be an AAA system.

Isn't it all rather obvious?  Even the (ex) engineers know there is a
market?  :) Scala knows.  And ESCOM has has a distribution channel, they
have their own dealer network (PC-oriented I might add).  They have
marketing muscle.

    - Mr. Houtven also expressed the idea that Scala was in support of
    Escom.  Dave Haynie and Scala in the US have both publicly (according
    to Dave) expressed their support for CEI in this matter. 
    I haven't been in contact with Escom to hear what they have to say, but
    I recently obtained contact info and will be trying...