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== Review: Connect Your Amiga!                        By: Jason Compton ==

Connect Your Amiga is Dale Larson's overview of networking, with a very
important angle on how it's done on our favorite machine.  The 256-page
book is hardly a step-by-step guide to setting up any sort of network you
might imagine, but it does what it is supposed to do, familiarizing the
reader with ways in which it can be done.  Dale worked for Commodore's
Netowrking Group (so the back cover's typo tells us), and his company, IAM,
sells Amiga Envoy and AS225, among other products.

The book does its job.  By no means dry, Dale initiates those who aren't in
the know as to what it's all about, and at the same time tells those in the
know (either previously or as a result of his overview) how it can be done.
He covers faxing and EtherNet all the way up to Wide Area Networks, with
such products as AmiLink inbetween.  There's even a few generous references
to Amiga Report, although it's mainly because he printed a ton of BBS and
online service information from us.

Larson really does what he set out to do.  I know more about networking and
doing it on the Amiga than I did before.  It certainly didn't make me a
pro, and I'm still silent on IRC #amiga when people walk on asking loads of
questions about AmiTCP.  As a reference and product guide, as well as a
tutorial, it excels.

Be prepared for a wee bit of sticker shock: Dale asks $25 for the book, and
it's tough at times to figure out if it's worth it.  Again: if you're
looking for a networking reference that's going to involve your Amiga, it's
a book you want.  But for the ultra-casual reader, or for someone who
doesn't need more than, say, fax software, reviews in magazines would
probably suffice.

If you need to be in the know, you'll want this book.  But don't rush out
to buy it simply because it's one of the few Amiga books being published
these days.  (I'm wondering if the price results from the large amount of
work Dale put into making the copyright page fun to read.  Never before
have disclaimers made me laugh as much.)

For the trivia buffs: Except for the cover, the book was written in Final
Copy II.  He did quite a good job with it, too, even if the spell checker
missed a couple.

IAM: or 610-853-4406