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== Wake-Up With Flowers                                 By: Lamar Morgan ==

Worldwide News Media Wake-up Call w/Flowers

Through Amiga World and Amiga Report I have encouraged Amigans throughout
the world to contact the news media and request a news investigation of
Commodore.  Now I am asking that those concerned about the future of the
Amiga platform unite worldwide by engaging in a specific activity on a
specific day.  The day?  Wednesday, October 26th.  The activity?  Send a
floral arrangement to your favorite news media person.

Why flowers?  Letters get lost, filed or more often than not, ignored.  
Flowers, on the other hand, get lots of attention.  Just imagine what it
would be like if a news person got flowers from all over the nation or the
world on a specific day for a specific reason.  Well, I believe we would
see some action by the press on our behalf.  I can personally testify to
the fact that although my letters and faxes to network newspeople resulted
in almost no feedback, the delivery of one floral arrangement resulted in a
phone call from a newswoman and a lengthy conversation about the Commodore
situation.  Nevertheless, it takes more than just one person sending
flowers to one news official to get the news media in general to sit up and
take notice.  That is why I suggest we all make arrangements to send
flowers on the same day - Wednesday, October 26th.  In so doing, the news
media in general will realize this is a worldwide event - that the Amiga is
an international computer platform worthy of their attention.

When making arrangements to send flowers, be sure the florist includes your
name, home or work phone number, a request to investigate the Commodore
situation and an uplifting remark.  For example:

                To: Deborah Amos - ABC News
                From: Lamar Morgan  (800)123-4567
                Please investigate the Commodore situation.
                For more information, please call me.
                Have a nice day.

Flower sending can be effective - whether it be to local or national media.
(Amigans outside the US need not wire flowers overseas to be effective.  
Instead, send them to your favorite local or national news media person.)
Remember, this is a worldwide event.

For those living within the United States, the following are the names and
addresses of some important news media people - although most are not
household names:

Ms. Molly Williams                            Mr. Tim Rice
Bloomberg Business News                       New York Times
Bloomberg Business Park                       229 West 43rd Street
Route 518                                     New York, NY  10036
Skillman, NJ  08558

Ms. Laura Waffenschmidt                       Ms. Carla Wohl
Future Watch                                  The Crusaders
CNN                                           Buena Vista Television
One CNN Center                                500 S. Buena Vista Street
Atlanta, GA  30348                            Burbank, CA  91521

Ms. Phyllis McGrady                           Mr. Neil Shapiro
Producer                                      Producer
ABC News                                      NBC News
157 Columbus Avenue                           30 Rockefeller Center
New York, NY  10023                           New York, NY  10112

Mr. Paul Carroll                              Mr. Jim Carlton
Wall Street Journal                           Wall Street Journal
200 Liberty Street                            201 California Street
World Financial Center                        Suite 1350
New York, NY  10281                           San Francisco,  CA  94111

Ms. Sandy Sugawara                            Ms. Connie Chung
Washington Post                               CBS News
1150 15th Street, NW                          51 West 52nd Steet
Washington, DC  20071                         New York, NY  10019

What should you do should you receive a call in response to the flowers you
sent?  Answer: explain to your caller that the flowers were sent as part of
a worldwide campaign by Amiga computer users to pursuade the news media to
investigate the Commodore situation.  Explain the situation as best you
can.  Then, refer the newsperson on to other knowledgeable Amigans.  Three
who I referred Deborah Amos of ABC News to were:

1) Mike Levin, Scala Inc. @(703)713-0900.
2) Dan Sullivan, Amiga World @(603)924-0100.
3) Jim Drew, Utilities Unlimited @(602)680-9004.

Of course, you do not have to use the people I just mentioned.  You
probably have your own list of sources.  Bottom line is to show the news
media a united worldwide Amiga community and their concern for the future
of the computer platform.  Let's show the media so they will tell the world
that Amigans mean business and their computer platform really is amazing.