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.Mark> This conference transcript is Copyright 1994, Delphi Amiga Sig, all
       rights reserved.  Amiga Report magazine is hereby granted exclusive
       non-commercial distribution rights.  Commercial reprinting or
       redistribution of this transcript is expressly forbidden without
       permission.  Write to "" if you are a commercial
       magazine who wishes to publish any or all of this transcript.  Do
       not perform any further editing on this transcript without first
       obtaining written permission.  We welcome you to this formal
       Conference with our special guest of Creative Equipment,
       International.  Also joining us tonight is Jason Compton, Editor in
       Chief, Amiga Report With special thanks also to him for his help in
       setting up tonights conferance.  Since this is a formal session, we
       ask that participants wishing to ask a question, to type a "?" and
       wait to be called on before typing your question.

.jcompton> Ok.  First off, Alex, you can take this opportunity to give any
           sort of introductory info on yourself or CEI.  Secondly, I think
           everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) would appreciate some sort of
           brief overview of the bidding process to come.

AMIGA_ALEX> As all of you probably know CEI is on of the parties that is
            interested in acquiring the Commodore technology and produce
            Amigas.  Currently, there appears to be two interested parties
            (notice the word appears), I believe one is a Chinese venture
            that is backing the UK management team and the second is
            ourselves.  Within the next four weeks the trustee will
            negotiate contracts with the interested parties and actual
            bidding will progress.

            We expect a resolution sometime in late November.  There is
            always the possibility of another party coming to the table
            before this is all done.

.jcompton> :)  Is it your interpretation, then, that Escom has lost
           interest in the bidding?  Also: I realize it's not up to you,
           but do you know why there's going to be a month lag before the
           bidding begins?

AMIGA_ALEX> At this point in time I would not rule ESCOM out.  Remember
            there is a lot of activity behind the scenes.  As far as the
            time frame is concerned there are a number of legal issues
            which must be resolved. Including law suits, appeals, etc.

BRIANKOK> Alex, thanks for doing this. I actually have several questions:
          (most importantly, first)

          You said you are interested in purchasing the amiga technology
          and producing them. Does this mean you are not actually buying
          out Commodore, just buying the technology?

AMIGA_ALEX> Yes, who ever ends up with the Amiga technology is simply
            purchasing the assets. Not ending up with the old Commodore.

BRIANKOK> Ah, i see. i thought this was a "race" to be appointed to the
          pres., co pres., etc.
AMIGA_ALEX> Our plan is to form a lean marketing/engineering firm that
            designs, market, and sells Amigas.

INZANE> I was wondering if you could explain your future plans for the
        Amiga if you win the bid.

AMIGA_ALEX> As you can see I am not a touch typist, but I'll try to give
            you a synopsis:

            1. Re introduce the current Amigas.  At lower prices if
            2. Move the technology forward by having engineers work on new
               OS and new RISC chips.
            3. Concentrate on markets which we can dominate; multimedia,
               home entertainment desktop video, etc.
            4. Market...Market....Market.... let people know why the Amiga
               is such a good choice.

            I always believed the Amiga would get wider acceptance If more
            people just saw the machine. That's the basic nuts and bolts.

FERRIERM> Thanks. Three short questions.  First, there have been several
          bidding 'deadlines' over the last five month. And yet new
          parties are still accepted? What gives?

          Also, How does the Christmas season look for CD32? Is this season
          not very important to the new owners? And, what are your plans
          for the much larger British and European markets?

AMIGA_ALEX> First, there really haven't been an official deadline.  When it
            comes to C= rumors seem to gain momentum and there is not
            stopping them.  I remember that all the BBSs had the
            information that Samsung had bought C= and an announcement was
            imminent.  It does not look possible that we will be able to
            make the Christmas Season with any Amiga products.  Our
            business plans fully take this into account based on our
            projections expect to see machines in late Feb 95.

            As the European market we are in constant contact with all the
            major European retailers and distributors.  They have agreed to
            assist whoever is successful with this venture.  I fully
            understand the importance of Europe and have been working
            to overcome our distance barrier.  CEI will open offices in UK
            and Germany.

.jcompton> This is being passed along from a developer: Will you
           re-evaluate the way developer support is handled?  As he put it:
           "$100/year isn't bad, but all you basically got was BIX, and
           lately that hasn't been much."

AMIGA_ALEX> Oh no not Jason Again :)

            Developer support is crucial to our success.  We plan multiple
            developers conference around the world as well as joint
            marketing strategies.  Bundling software, third party coupons,
            real support!

ADAMGOOD> Do do you think that the amiga developers that are still around
          can hold out untill feb 95

AMIGA_ALEX> Yes, once they understand the direction of the new company, the
            market is strong and there is demand.  Newtek, Scala, GVP
            should all be there and profit.

ADAMGOOD> What about cross platform support? windows? mac?

AMIGA_ALEX> If you know anything about CEI its that we believe in support
            for cross platfom support.  We introduced the 4000MC which
            included the Emplant (no association to McDonalds).  As future
            processors come into play the ability to integrate cross
            platform support will become easier.

RUSTYW> In past statements from the UK group, they are (where) hoping to
        get something going in time for Xmas, Since this will not happen do
        you think this will the blow to out of the bidding? (I hope)

AMIGA_ALEX> No, I dont believe that.  The Amiga market makes good business
            sense, if you understand the market.

BRIANKOK> One of my questions was answered. (Developer support.) An
          offshoot question: Will efforts to get developers to develop
          again be aggressive? (e.g., MicroSoft and MSWord).

          Another: Will the immediate development focus upon the hardware
          or the OS?

AMIGA_ALEX> Commodore had a very closed mind... In order to garner support
            from outside the Amiga community these companies have to
            realize the potential.  With the very competitive software
            market many software developers are looking for new
            opportunities.  If we manage to build relationships with these
            companies the likelyhood of support will increase.  If there is
            important software the new entity will of course do whatever
            possible to get them ported including $$$$$$$$.

INZANE> Getting back to the future of the OS. I know that RTG,Networking,
        and memory protection are important features, but I think we also
        have to address the look and feel of the OS.  I've seen pitures of
        WINDOWS `95 and some of it looks very nice. Any plans on this

AMIGA_ALEX> Our OS has very strong features.  We plan on upgrading and
            improving system as well as porting to other processors.  As
            the looks are concern we have been analysing the look and feel
            of other systems including Windows 95, SGI, etc.  If we can
            improve the look of the system while mentaining the memory
            advantage as well the multitasking advantage we have the
            potential for a real winner.

ADAMGOOD> I don't know anything about cei, what is the 4000mc?

AMIGA_ALEX> CEI = Creative Equipment International. Most end users have not
            heard of us.  Our goal was supplying the dealers and
            establishing a dealer network for Commodore.  We signed up over
            four hundred dealers in the last year alone.

            The 4000MC was a stock Amiga 4000 with the Emplant, extra ram,
            large hard drive, System 7 and MacRoms fully integrated and
            ready to run both AmigaDos and System 7 out of the box.

            By the way we started as a Commodore PET dealer in 1977 and
            only sold Commodore products for the past 17 years.

RUSTYW> When the Trustee(s) look at the bids, are they just looking for the
        highest $$$ amount or the plan that will yield the highest $$$ in
        the long run?

AMIGA_ALEX> The job of the trustee is to get the most money for the
            creditors, NOW!

RUSTYW> If CEI wins the rights to Amiga, and is successful in marketing,
        do you think other developers that have stopped or never developed
        for Amiga, will be attracted to develop for Amiga?

AMIGA_ALEX> RustyW, if we do our jobs correctly with a little support from
            the Amiga community I think we can get developers back and
            acquire new developers. These guys are looking for the
            opportunity to make a buck and the Amiga and its users provide
            that opportunity.

.Wizardess> In case someone has not asked already - what was the winning
            bid and are the other bids known?

AMIGA_ALEX> There is no winning bid at this time.  The actual bid process
            (auction) will come later in early to mid Nov.

INZANE> IS there a way people could send in our sugestions for feature we
        would like to see in the future OS. I know someone on DELPHI was
        keeping a list?

AMIGA_ALEX> ABSOLUTELY, our plans include a user advisory panel in the US
            and Europe.  This panel reports directly to the board.

ADAMGOOD> You mentioned RISC earlier? Any plans to use PowerPC? Licence
          the Mac os?

AMIGA_ALEX> It's obvious that we need to move to RISC technology sooner
            than later.  The two RISC that have attracted the most
            attention is the PA RISC and the PowerPC, but this decision 
            will be made by engineers, software designers, and you the
            customers.  Since we believe in full cross platform
            compatibility the option of licensing the Mac System is not
            unrealistic.  Cost would be the determining factor.

.jcompton> (Yes, AGAIN, Alex. :)) Can you please explain the "contract bid"
           situation to us?  As you know, the report that Commodore UK has
           the contract bid has been blown across the net and is being
           interpreted incorrectly.

AMIGA_ALEX> Without going into great detail. The trustee has the ability to
            negotiate on contracts with multiple parties simultanously.

            Additionally, any bidder can bid on another parties contract.
            For this reason signing a contract at this stage of the games
            makes for good PR but little else.  We had the option of
            agreeing on a contract but turn it down for tactical reasons
            I'd rather not discuss here.  The bottom line is bidding for
            Commodore has not commenced yet.

BRIANKOK> Alex, what are you looking at for price/performace ratios for new
          machines? (Can you give us specific CPUs/prices?)

AMIGA_ALEX> NO, way too early.  But, I can tell you that we understand the
            market pressure when you can go out an purchase a Pentium
            machine for under 2k.

            Our goals are to bring the price in line and make Amiga
            attractive once again.

FERRIERM> Is there still a chance that the bidding process will move to the
          US? If so, what would the consequences be? Also, would a
          Windows compatible machine be possible in the next year?

          How about an OS/board combination for Intel or PPC based systems?

AMIGA_ALEX> Anything is possible, but at this late stage it seems
            improbable that the court proceeding be moved.  An Windows
            compatible machine would certaintly open up a new market but
            bringing in within the next year might be technologically

            The Amiga OS and chips make it very attractive as an add on
            board for PCs.  As we work closer with the engineers we will be
            able to make better determinations.

TREYE> As a developer, I am wondering where the Amiga will fit
       into the ODBC, SQL Server, OrACLE, ETC. world?

AMIGA_ALEX> Let's face it, the Amiga is strong in digital desktop video,
            interactive applications, home entertainment, etc.  This does
            not preclude the need for strong mainstream applications 
            (Databases, Spreadsheets, etc.) But, we need to capitilize on
            the strenght of the technology.

            Since we operate CEI on 30 network Amigas, there is no one in
            the world who would like to see strong business software
            (read Relational Database with file locking....).

JVANHOUTEN> Are you plannning on having packages with monitor

AMIGA_ALEX> YES! We have a multimedia machine, don't you think everyone
            should have a CD ROM  :)

.Wizardess> Once the dust settles have you any idea how long it will be
            before the "kiosk" makers can get the CD-32s I hear them so
            plaintively asking for? And how quickly can you ramp up general

AMIGA_ALEX> Once a contract is in place and the legal matters are out of
            the way expect 60 to 90 days before the entire product line is
            once again available.

XIS> When do you believe I will be able to get a 4000 tower system?

AMIGA_ALEX> Same time frame (late Feb).

.jcompton> Alex: What, theoretically, happens to the few remaining
           Commodore branches if you are successful?  Do you ask them to
           join the gang, or just let them rot and liquidate? GA

AMIGA_ALEX> Jason, our bid emcompasses the branches of Commodore which are
            do not have great liability.  This will be brought into the
            fold of the new company.

AMIGA_ALEX> Additionally, we have contacted individuals of the former C=
            who were valuable employees but were limited by their
            management.  We now get to chose the cream of the crop and
            possibly even purchase a new floor scrubber:) he he

.jcompton> Thank you, Alex.  You beat me to the gratuitous floor scrubber
           comment of the night.  Don't worry, I'll get one in.

TREYE> 2 more quick questions: 

       1) The Amiga is a perfect machine for professional Laser Shows. 
          Do you see this as a target for the machine?

       2) What happend to those people whe have own(ed)
          stock in Amiga???

AMIGA_ALEX> First, the AMiga controls a large portion of the laser
            industry. I see this a another niche market which makes sense.
            We personally installed a laser system in the Miami area.

            The individuals who purchased Commodore stock are simply out of
            luck.  Add me to that list.

RUSTYW> Do you for see offering trade up deals for A500 and A2000 owners?
        and is there plans to add Amiga tech to that floor scrubber? :)

AMIGA_ALEX> ABSOLUTELY!  The one thing C= did well were the trade up
            programs.  We plan on being more agressive with our customer
            base.  Jason will be in charge of floor scrubber tech support;)

BRIANKOK> Last ? from me: Why should the ppl who are deciding the fate of
          the Amiga choose you over CBM UK?

AMIGA_ALEX> $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


XIS> Seems to me Amiga OS on a PC Card would elimanate Amiga computers...
     wouldn't it be better to get the dos users to buy an Amiga/emplant

AMIGA_ALEX> NO not at all.  I think its the old Trojan horse.  Show what
            the Amiga can do and then try to go back.

.Mark> If I can jump i here...  How about a PCMCIA card with the Amiga
       Chips on it..  It would solve your laptop problem!

AMIGA_ALEX> Good question.  I'm afraid I dont have enough (read any)
            engineering background to answer that.  As far as a laptop
            Amiga plans are in the works to co-engineer desktop and laptop

.Del> When are we going to see ads that play up the qualities of the Amiga
      line against the limitations of the MS-DOS platform?  I've seen it
      put this way: 'It takes more than a CD and a cute pair of speakers to
      do good multimedia!'

AMIGA_ALEX> Our investors have allocated substantial funds for marketing.
            Our marketing budget in the first year exceeds C='s budget in
            the last 3 years.

AMIGA_ALEX> We understand and plan to be radical in our marketing programs.

RUSTYW> Does CBM UK really have that strong $$$ backing?

AMIGA_ALEX> That's a hard one to answer.  Our sources say that a Red
            Chinese company that clones cartridge is backing them.  As time
            progesses we should better understand all the parties involved
            and find out the truth.

.Jeff> Will the prices of the new Amigas be cheaper or at least competitive
       to the PC market?  How about the Laptop model?

AMIGA_ALEX> JEFF, I think I answered those questions...yes cheaper Amigas..
            yes laptops.

XIS> on the laptop just make me a lcd screen for a 1200 & I'll advertise the
     Amiga free

AMIGA_ALEX> LCD screens for all Amigas are not out of the question.

JVANHOUTEN> Do you plan on having discounts for the disabled learning blind
            etc, any software developes for this ?????

AMIGA_ALEX> No not at this time. We do plan on implementing an aggresive
            educational campaign.

            Remember, software developers are interested in making $$.  If
            there is a market then they will explore it.  Most developers
            have no idea what the users want.  It's important that you let
            them know what you need.

AMIGA_ALEX> I would like to wrap this up in the next ten minutes.  I have
            an early flight in the AM.

DRACUS> How abt pushing the Amiga 1200 in Kmart, Walmart, and Sears stores
        like the C-64?

AMIGA_ALEX> We have already reached a tentative agreement to put the CD32
            into 17,000 retailers across the US.

.Wizardess> Could you drop us a few words on your specific marketing
            background?  Which markets are you active in now and which have
            you had outstanding success with?

AMIGA_ALEX> CEI has been instrumental in obtaining wide acceptance of the 
            Amiga into a diverse arena.

AMIGA_ALEX> They include the US Army, NOAA, Walt Disney World, foreign
            governments, Medical Reaseach, the information markets.
            Many of you know that CEI has been distributing the Amiga
            line in Latin America.  We established 20 major distributors
            while Commodore pulled out of those lucritive markets.  
            Additionally, we are working with a PR and an advertising firm
            for some very creative adverts in this market.

ECURB> Just a few minutes ago I called the AmigaWorld line. It stated that
       the the decision has been delayed until Nov. 2. Why is this?

RUSTYW> Nothing would thrill me more than to see a full page ad for Amiga
        in Windos Mag!!


.Jeff> Forgive me if this ? has already been asked- Can we expect a
       PowerPC-based Amiga, or is 68060 more likely?

RUSTYW> just seeing an amiga ad would be great!!

AMIGA_ALEX> First, expect a 68060.  This is logical and easier to
            implement.  That will be followed by a RISC processor to be
            chosen soon.

.Mark> And Jason has the final question


.jcompton> What's this we've heard about a fax from CEI asking dealers for
           projected demand on Amigas and floor scrubbers?  Just building

AMIGA_ALEX> Since we are confident of the acquisition our manufacturing
            partner (to be announced upon acquisition) has begun to do the
            statistical analysis to be able to roll products of the
            assembly line as soon as possible. This was a statistical
            analysis and was not meant to encompass the entire dealer base.

            Some dealers were upset that they were not included in this
            survey, but we were only looking for the raw data, not actual

.Mark> Thank you all for stopping by and thanks to Alex for his time.. We 
       wish you the best for you bid in keeping the Amiga Alive and Well!
BRIANKOK> Thanks Alex, good luck! If you win, please switch the CTRL and ALT
          keys! :)

.Wizardess> Alex, thanks a lot for coming by and answering these questions.
            Good luck! And please don't forget the internet address
            for {^_-}


.Jeff> Thanks ...  Take Care

INZANE> good luck

.Tom> Thanks for coming Alex. Drop by again soon.

RUSTYW> thanks is thare a email address for feedback from users?

.jcompton> Thanks, once again, for hanging around with a bunch of weirdos,

.Ardell> Good Luck Alex!

.Wizardess> Probably best to do it through Jason.

AMIGA_ALEX> Thank you all :)  Thanks for all the support!