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I'll bet you were surprised to see how many cool Amiga CD's that Fred Fish
is distributing these days: FreshFish, FrozenFish, GoldFish, OldFish,
PrehistoricFish, ShavedFish, etc.  etc.  Well, I have some AMAZING NEWS
about Fred's most recent, upcoming CD that will make Amiga history!! 
Thanks to BLAZEMONGER INCORPORATED's "Industrial Espionage" Department, the
following top-secret, INSIDER INFORMATION can now be revealed.  (Sorry,
Fred, but this is just TOO exciting to keep secret!!)


                        *       Fish Styx!      *

        What is "Fish Styx?" Here's the story.  It's a little known fact
that Fred Fish has an excellent singing voice.  He has one of the finest
bass voices around and has quite a reputation in the highly selective
"computer jingle" industry.  A loyal Amigan even in song, Fred was recently
approached by IBM to do a commercial for their latest Pentium-based
machine, and he turned them down on principle.  Way to go, Fred!

        Anyway, Fred's fans have finally persuaded him to release his first
full-length audio CD, "Fish Styx!" It features these soon-to-be NUMBER ONE

        "Oooh, Baby I Love Your Toaster" (with Kiki Stockhammer)

                Thrill to Fred and Kiki's soulful rendition of this classic
                ballad about love and multimedia.

        "What's The Frequency, Irving?"

                Alternative music at its best!!  This song reveals, for the
                first time ever, just how many CD32's REALLY were produced
                per week at Commodore's Phillippines plant.

        "Can You Feel The Load Tonight?"
                A beautiful, sensitive ballad about network slowdown on
                IRC.  From the soundtrack of the little-known Disney movie,
                THE LINELINK KING.

        "Free Ware"

                A southern-rockin' love song about the lonely life of
                a public domain software author:

                     "If I code this tomorrow...
                      Will you still remember me?
                      For I must be hacking on, now...
                      'Cause there's too many addresses I've got to see..."

                This red-hot rocker features a 10-minute-long, scorching
                guitar solo played by the famous Dave Haynie!!
                (Ex-Commodore engineer, now CEO of Columbia Records.)

        "Born To Run"

               A complex, yet tender, high-energy tune about how Commodore
               moved the "Run" command out of the C: directory and into the

        "For Those About To Hack, We Salute You"

                Hear Fred rock out on this heavy-metal headbanger in honor
                of demo coders everywhere.

        "Ooooh, I Heard It From the Grapevine"

                A soulful testament to the problems of buying Amiga
                hardware by mailorder.  The lyrics consist entirely of
                excuses like, "it's on backorder," "we shipped it
                yesterday," and "at the sound of the beep, please leave
                a message, and a representative will return your call."

        "Eleanor Mehdi"

                A 1960's style song with a haunting cello accompaniment.
                The lyrics say it all:

                        "Eleanor Mehdi
                        Picks up her check at the desk where the factory
                           has been...
                        Lives in a dream.
                        Look at her working,
                        Making commercials and adverts that no one will
                        Till bankruptcy.
                        All the lonely people, too few Amiga hacks.
                        All the lonely people, why do they all buy Macs?"

        Similar to the recent Meeting Pearls and Aminet Share CD's, "Fish
Styx" will be distributed as shareware.  If you enjoy the music, you are
obligated to make a contribution to Fred, either in cash or by singing your
favorite song to him over the phone.

        "Fish Styx" is available from Amiga dealers and Sam Goody, and is
available on CD, data cassette, and in MOD format.  Check it out, fin fans!