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                The Long-Awaited Floor Scrubber Conference!

.jcompton> What's this we've heard about a fax from CEI asking dealers for
projected demand on Amigas and floor scrubbers?  Just building statistics?

AMIGA_ALEX> Since we are confident of the acquisition our manufacturing
partner (to be announced upon acquisition) has begun to do the statistical
analysis to be able to roll products of the assembly line as soon as
possible.  This was a statistical analysis and was not meant to encompass
the entire dealer base.  Some dealers were upset that they were not
included in this survey, but we were only looking for the raw data, not
actual orders.

.Mark> The floor is now open to all

.jcompton> <scrub>

.Mark> You dont let up on the floor scrubber jokes do you?

RUSTYW> Will this scurbber multitask?

.Ardell> I like the floor scrubber jokes...

RUSTYW> Jay and can several scrubber be networked?

.jcompton> Rusty: We're working on building SoapyTCP into the engine.

.Del> And can the network be scrubbed?

.Wizardess> It is done with a cast iron pipe between the handles of the
various scrubbers.  It is the floor scrubber from hell!

.jcompton> Del: Well, the RJ-45 cables don't hold up real well to an
industrial strength scrubbing right now...

MIJ67> How about a laptop scrubber....?

.Jeff> Self-cleaning Drives?

RUSSTYW> will this be a 10baseT or wireless net?>

.jcompton> Rusty: We're trying to cross the wireless barrier, but so far
all we can do is charge the batteries.

.Del> Will it render BOTH MS-DOS AND AMIGA disks asunder?

.Wizardess> If you need a laptop scrubber to get your jollies you are doing
SOMETHING wrong, VERY wrong.  {O,o}

.jcompton> There's a rumor on c.s.a.emulations that Jim Drew is going to
port MScrub to the Amiga, but I really doubt it. 

.Mark> I just checked my buffer and it is EMPTY!

.jcompton> Mark: How about I send you the raw transcript, then? :)

.Mark> Thanks!.. Looks like the scrubber got my Buffer!

RUSTYW> A buffer scrubber!!

.Del> Isn't much difference between a buffer and a scrubber, after all...

.Jeff> Buffer<>Scrubber -- Good one!

NJOHNSON> Ya i  l:log  to  that  and   hd.

.jcompton> Njohnson: I think your space bar needs a scrubbing.

.Del> And a buffing for a nice shine...

.Mark> Well Jason.. When is the conferecce with UK?

.Wizardess> They are unresponsive - utterly unresponsive.  I have tried

.jcompton> Mark: When David Pleasance or Colin Proudfoot answer my standing
invitation.  I have no idea.  I had Sharon McGuffie REMIND them that I
invited them.
RUSTYW> if Red China get the amiga, they can change the name from Commodore
amiga to Commrad Amiga

JVANHOUTEN> bye all going to the FTP

RUSTYW> me too only I have to FTP some sleep

.Del> RUSTY telnetted to bed, then FTPd some sleep...

.jcompton> ...the upshot of which is that DP/CP would have to hold their
conference around 4:00 AM their time, but I think that's a decent
sacrifice, seeing as how I've kept Alex up past midnight twice...

.Wizardess> That is what I was proposing.  I could bring in a good crowd
both here and BIX for them.  (I wish we could link 'em.)

.Del> Conference on IRC, that would be a madhouse...

.Wizardess> (I suppose I should try IRC sometime.  But....  no time!)

.Del> It's like trying to spread butter on toast - with a chainsaw...

.Del> Or a scrubber...

.jcompton> del: Hey, you're really moving in on my territory here...