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     CompuScope 220 Driver




     Endicor Technologies, Inc.
     P.O. Box 29000 #355
     San Antonio, TX 78229


     Voice: 1-210-650-4988
     Fax:   As above.


     Ty Sarna

     Phone:    1-210-650-4988 x1


     gage_cs220.device is a driver for the CompuScope 220 ISA Digital 
     Oscilloscope board from Gage Scientific.  With this driver and a
     GoldenGate 2 or GG2+ ISA/ZorroII bus bridge, you can use the CS220
     on an Amiga. 

     The driver allows access to nearly all features of the hardware,
     including dual channel sampling at up to 20MHz, and single channel up
     to 40MHz.

     A demo disk is available.  The demo disk contains gage_null.device, a
     demonstration and test version of the driver that doesn't require a
     CS220 or even an ISA/Zorro bus bridge.  It simulates the operation of
     the gage_cs220.device and provides the same interface, and allows
     development of software for gage_cs220.device when hardware is not
     available.  Since gage_cs220.device is a binddrivers-style device, and
     since gage_null.device is based on much of the same code, the
     gage_null.device is also a binddrivers style device and must be bound
     to an autoconfiguring board on your system.  However, gage_null.device
     doesn't actually access the board it is bound to, so it is safe to
     bind the driver to any unbound board on your system.  A ram expansion
     board is a good candidate. 

     The disk also contains the full autodocs and headers necessary to 
     program for the gage_cs220.device, and to allow you to get a feel for
     the capabilities of the real driver.  Or, with the gage_null.device,
     you can develop complete applications for the CS220 without having the
     hardware or driver available. 

     See the file README.DataWeb on the demo disk for information on the
     DataWeb, a complete scientific data acquisition and processing
     environment that can be used with the gage_cs220.device.


     Amiga 2000, 3000, or 4000 with OS 2.0 or later.  See the section
     titled 'OTHER' for a special note about the A3000.

     A CompuScope 220 ISA Digital Oscilloscope board (naturally).

     A GoldenGate 2 or GG2+ ISA/ZorroII bus bridge.


     The demonstration disk archive is available on
     Aminet (e.g.




     gagedrv_demo.lha      (97526 bytes)
     gagedrv_demo.readme   (2770 bytes)

     The price is $99.95 plus $5 S/H.  Texas residents add sales tax.  We
     also accept purchase orders from large organizations!

     The demonstration disk is free on Aminet, or can be ordered for $5
     plus shipping/handling.  If you have previously ordered a demo disk,
     $5 will be deducted from the price.

     All prices in US funds.  Please contact us by phone or email for
     international orders.


     Copyright (C) 1994 Endicor Technologies, Inc.
     All Rights Reserved.

     This is commercial software.


     The CS220 board will not work in an A3000 as-is.  It draws too much
     power on start-up and prevents the 3000's power supply from coming up.
     It works fine on 2000s, 3000Ts, and 4000s, but not the standard 3000.
     Gage can provide a modified board that works around the problem, or
     you can modify your own.  Please contact us for details. 

     The driver has only been tested with the 32K board model, but should
     work with the other small (<512K) models.  It may not work without
     additional work on the large models.  I am unable to test this without
     access to a large-memory card.

     If you need a driver for other Gage Scientific hardware or require
     features not supported in the current CS220 driver (for example,
     non-automatic software triggering, or large-memory cards), please
     contact us.  We may be able to help.