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     4  (4.159)


     Andreas M. Kirchwitz


     AmigaElm is an "Electronic Mail Reader" which allows you to read and
     write mails.  Normally you'll need a properly installed UUCP package
     (eg,AmigaUUCP, Feulner-UUCP or Dillon-UUCP) to reveive and send mails
     but AmigaElm is highly configurable so that you can take a mail-folder
     from a UNIX box, answer the mails and bring the answers back to the
     UNIX box.

     AmigaElm is easy to install and to use.  The user interface is very
     intuitive and similar to the well-known UNIX-ELM.  Beginners can
     control all basic functions with menus and some nice GadTools
     requesters.  Advanced users can use aliases, priorized message
     tagging, various filename-offers when saving messages and lots of
     options to configure AmigaElm to fit your needs.  In a system with
     multiple users AmigaElm allows separate configuration files for each

     AmigaElm can be invoked in a special "terminal mode" (all input/output
     from/to console).  This is useful for running AmigaElm in the current
     shell window or over a serial line (eg, with AUX-Handler).

     AmigaElm offers basic internal MIME (multimedia mail) functionality
     (eg, sending 8-bit-texts and binaries over 7-bit-lines) and supports
     "MetaMail" (a full-featured package for handling all kinds of MIME
     messages -- also available on AmiNet, see section "HOST NAME") and
     "ReqTools" library 2.x (reqtools.library is included).

     AmigaElm is one of the very first mail readers that has in-built
     support for cryptographic applications, namely PGP.  Henceforth,
     AmigaElm improves your privacy and general living quality


     Changes since version 3:  (summary)

     Enhancements to reply-commands (group-reply, new extended group-
     reply) and encryption/decryption (new scripts, user can set default
     encryption mode, 3 predefined and 3 custom encryption modes).

     New sorting criterion, palette settings support up to 32-Bit-Colors,
     can skip over deleted messages, new config file .elm/smartsignature
     (similar to .elm/smartheader), cleaned up documentation on some
     commands, fixed nasty bug with option -f (FOLDER), smarter handling of
     domainized HOSTNAME, non-empty DOMAINNAME and DOMAINNAME in general.

     Very intelligent get-char-handling when started in terminal mode (Elm
     now accepts break signal when in terminal mode); thanks to Ralph
     Babel. Also supports file notification when in terminal mode. [...]

     No longer needs env-var LINES/COLUMNS for terminal mode when
     connected to Amiga terminal.

     Various other enhancements to existing commands. Some new commands.
     Miscellaneous bug fixes.

     (see file "History.Txt" for details)


     AmigaOS 2.0 (or higher)

     And for normal usage: a properly installed UUCP package.  But can be
     configured to run without a UUCP package for processing ready-made
     mail-folders (eg, from your work or university).


     FTP/Internet: AmiNet and mirrors

       For example, [].

     UUCP/E-Mail :

       Send mail to the address above and put the line
       "send /pub/aminet/comm/mail/AmigaElm-v4.lha"
       in the body.




     AmigaElm-v4.lha      (binary and documentation)


     Shareware, Copyright by Andreas M. Kirchwitz
     (concept based on hwr-mail by Heiko W. Rupp).
     Source code only available to registered users.