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==  compt.sys.editor.desk                          By:  Jason Compton   ==

First off: Big changes for Amiga Report!  The demonic listserv from Hell
is no more, replaced by a manual Terminus script.  This means that if you
have any list requests, they've got to be mailed to me and processed.
It'll take a bit longer this way, but hopefully only one copy of each
issue will be mailed.

Second: as you may have noticed by now, Amiga Report got a facelift.  Tell
us what you think.  Blame  Katie Nelson , the changes were
her idea.  :) (I personally like it.) 

Another week, another conference...

The third in a series of Amiga Report online conferences was held this past
Wednesday on Delphi, with Alex Amor from CEI returning to answer questions.

Now, to once again answer an accusation.

Commodore UK's management has, REPEATEDLY, been invited to conferences.
They have been given my home number with a 24-hour invitation to call.
Sharon McGuffie, a specialist at C= UK, has bothered Pleasance and
Proudfoot on my account more than once with my invitation to online
conferences.  So far, they have not given her an answer to the invitations.
Either yes or no.  The minute they say yes, I'll scramble to get them
airtime.  I'm sure Portal, BIX, and Delphi will be ready to go as well.
I'll say it again: I'm not trying to keep news from people.  On the
contrary, I'm trying to get as much as possible.  When I find something out
(the Chinese financial backing of the MBO), people accuse me of favoring
CEI...presumably they think I'm making it up.  I'm not.  I got it verified
through as many sources as possible: it's not possible at present to verify
it with Commodore UK because of reasons I just explained.

A number of people have asked for conferences on IRC.  I personally think
the instability of IRC combined with the relative difficulty in moderating
a conference would make it impractical, but I will try to get both parties
to consider dropping by sometime.

To condense information that can be found fragmented in the conference,
here's the bidding update: The bidding is now in a public phase. 
Essentially, all interested parties will get together in a building in
early to mid November, sit in separate rooms, and bid until it hurts.  It
seems there is NOT a "final bid" for any specific party, either CEI or C=
UK, despite reports to the contrary.  The final bid would seem to be the
bidder who isn't challenged by the other parties.

A contract HAS been written based on Commodore UK's bid.  This was done at
the request of the highest bidder, CEI.  They took this tactic at the
advice of their lawyers in order to protect the value of their own bid. 
The strategy is known as "Stalking Horse" bidding, and is designed to put
other parties at a disadvantage: Nobody knows how high the stalking horse
was willing to go in the private phase, so it makes it that much more
difficult to figure out how high they will go publicly.

Anybody, including myself, can now bid against the contract bid.  However,
I haven't sold enough floor scrubbers to make my bid viable.

That being said...enjoy the magazine.