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These are selected products, reviewed by myself, that I've liked.  So,
I've landed them and decided to sell them at the lowest price I'm

Swifty 3-button mouse (Reviewed in AR 2.28):           $22.75

Micro R+D CD-ROM Volume 1 (Reviewed in AR 2.25)        $53.95
(Includes Transition graphic converter and loads of artwork)

Micro R+D CD-ROM Volume 2 (Reviewed in AR 2.26)        $59.95
(Includes entire Nature's Backdrop series)

Orders may be placed via check, money order, or postal cheque, made
out to Micro R+D.  Visa/Mastercard accepted via post or E-Mail.
No CODs.

Mail all orders to  Jason Compton .  Orders will be
processed by Amiga Report and drop-shipped from Micro R+D.

In the US, add $5/$10/$20 for UPS shipping, ground/blue/red label,
respectively.  Overseas: It is recommended that you consider $20
to be the minimum cost for shipping.  If you plan to order more than
one item, E-mail for shipping cost.