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    AmiKiss V1.1       An implementation of a Japanese game (kids)
     EyeCandy03        Another in the kaledoscope drawing series...
 Music W/Bertie Bunny  An educational musical package
    ProCrypt V1.0      Omnipresent encryption system
     RevUp V1.2        A revision-organizer
   ProxWatch V1.2      A flexible desktop clock
  Gothic Clock V1.0    A titlebar clock
    Phonebill 3.1      Find out how much AR downloads cost
    C-Shell 5.39       An Amiga implementation of csh

| The 10 most downloaded files from Aminet during the week until 9-Oct-94
| Updated weekly. Most popular file on top.
|File                Dir        Size Description
|------------------- ---        ---- -----------
ar228.lha            docs/mags   83K+Amiga Report Online Magazine #2.28
MagicD3.lha          pix/icon   237K+New Icons for MagicWB
csh539.lha           util/shell 246K+C-Shell (csh) 5.39, CLI replacement
CrossMAC_V1Demo.lha  misc/emu    74K+Floppy Read Only CrossMAC Demo
ABC-Patterns-1.1.lha pix/icon   433K+Update - 111 new Workbench-patterns!!!
mpegint.lha          gfx/show    13K+GUI for mpeg_play program.  WB2+
tophatwilly.lha      game/jump  114K+TopHatWilly *GREAT* Platform game by OF
justice9.lha         demo/aga   767K+AGA demo by Tone Horgan, A1200 only
term-41a-Patch.lha   comm/term  107K+Term 4.1a, Patch for Term 4.1
LibrariesGuide.lha   docs/help   30K+AmigaGuide to AmigaDOS Shared Libraries