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     C-Shell (csh)




     Andreas M. Kirchwitz (csh 5.20+),
     based on csh 5.19 by Urban D. Mueller



     C-Shell is a replacement for the AmigaDOS command line interface.
     Many builtin Unix-like commands, very fast script language, file-
     name completion, command-name completion, comfortable command line
     editing, pattern matching, AUX: mode, object oriented file classes,
     abbreviation of internal and external commands.  Supports multiple

     C-Shell is easy to install and to use.  Online help for all
     commands, functions and various subjects.  ARP-free!


     Changes since version 5.39 (summary):

      - New builtin variable "_timeout" (in microseconds) sets maximum
         response time for terminal to answer WINDOW STATUS REQUEST (for
         window bounds). Defaults to 1 (for local usage), must be set to
         higher value for remote connections. Only used, if window pointer
         is not available.
      - Removed command line length limitation (140 chars) for ARexx scripts
         that ends with ".rexx" but are started without the trailing ".rexx".
      - Removed command line length limitation (518 chars) for ARexx scripts
         and external shells (#! in first line), this was a limitation in
         AmigaOS' System() function.  DOS scripts still have this limitation,
         because you cannot RunCommand() "execute".
      - Not only "*" and "?" but also "[" and "]" recognized as AmigaDOS
         pattern. (that means, to use "[" and "]" you must quote (") or
         escape () them!)
      - ... and much more workarounds for serious bugs in DateToStr() and
      - Fixed bug: making an assign to an executable and calling the
         executable by its assign crashed machine.
      - Fixed bug: builtin command "cp" sometimes used already freed memory
         for generating error messages (resulted in some strange error
      - New flag for for command abbreviation ($_abbrev):
         8, search DOS path-list if command wasn't found in Cshell's
         internal program hash list (see "rehash" command)
      - CTRL-D now shows matching files if current word is not a directory.
         (if directory then shows contents of directory -- as usual)
         In its current implementation this may have unexpected side effects
         if current word is already a pattern.
      - Class definition for AmigaE in
      - Now internal timer (eg, %e in the titlebar) not set to zero when a
         null command is encountered. (same for return code, %x in titlebar)
      - The idea of always using the variable "_dirformat" for "dir" wasn't
         a good idea.  So, "_dirformat" is only used if option -z is given
         (when "_dirformat" is unset then use first argument as format
      - New control-code for line-editing: "^V" (ctrl-v) quotes next char.
      - New builtin variable "_kick" holds version number of Operating
      - Builtin command "assign" now prints volume name if assign points to
         an unmounted volume (eg, a removed floppy disk) and doesn't pop up
         a requester "Please replace volume ..."
      - It was a stupid idea to force redirecting of all Cshell-related
         system requesters to CSH's screen, because requester windows
         inherit the window title of their "initiator". They appear now
         again on your default public screen.
      - Fixed serious bug (crashed machine) with redirection and launching
         programs into background. (files closed twice)
         Known bug: it's still not possible to run pipes into background...
      - When running programs into background (run, rback, &), internal
         commands and aliases are recognized and executed with "csh -c".
         Aliases WON'T be resolved on this level so they must be declared
         in .cshrc to run them into background.
      - Execution of Rexx-Scripts (without trailing ".rexx") and any other
         program with "#! my_prog" or ";! my_prog" in first line of script
         now possible also from DOS search path and not only $_path.
      - New builtin variable "_mappath" (see manual), enables pathname-
         mapping for commands if script starts with "#!" or ";!" in first
         line.  Converts Unix pathes like "/usr/..." to "usr:...".
      - New option "-w" for Cshell, don't use window pointer (useful for
      - New option "-V" for Cshell, send only VT100 compatible control
      - Internal variable "o_vt100" now used (if option -t or -V is set),
         don't send control sequences that are not VT100 compatible (eg,
         special Amiga control sequences).
      - Various changes/enhancements to existing commands.
      - Miscellaneous bug fixes.

     See file "HISTORY" in archive csh539.lha for complete listing
     of changes and new features.


     AmigaOS 2.0 (or higher)


     FTP/Internet: AmiNet and mirrors

       For example, [].

     UUCP/E-Mail :

       Send mail to the address above and put the
       line "send /pub/aminet/util/shell/csh539.lha"
       in the body.




     csh539.lha      (binary and documentation)
     csh539src.lha   (source code for SAS/C 6)


     Freely distributable, Copyright by the individual authors.