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    Raymond Penners

    Fido:     2:286/407.60
    AmigaNet: 39:153/201.60
    NLA:      14:101/200.60


    `phonebill' is, simply said, a log file analyzer. What it basically
    does is scan log file(s) generated by a terminal program or a mailer,
    extract all information about calls you have made by using your modem,
    and store this in its own (short) format. After extracting the calls
    `phonebill' can generate various reports in which you can find
    information on duration and costs of the calls.

    Here is a small list of the main features:

     * Very flexible user-configurable rates, supporting exceptions for
       certain days and dates. Handles fees and time units with up to 9
       decimals (e.g. $1.2344657 dollars per 30.225678 seconds).

     * User-configurable log scanners: `phonebill' by default supports
       various log files, but for any log file that is not supported the
       user is able to create a scanner. The following is a list of log
       files that are already supported:
          * AutoPilot
          * CyberPager
          * GPFax
          * JrComm
          * MagiCall
          * MicroDot
          * Multifax (both v2.0 and Multifax professional)
          * NComm
          * Term action log and Term call log
          * Terminus
          * TheAnswer
          * TKR-BTX
          * Trapdoor
          * Trapfax
          * UUCP TimeLog
          * XenoLink

     * Log files can be automatically truncated if their size exceeds the
       maximum size.

     * Generates miscellaneous reports: statistics, total costs, ....

     * Context-sensitive online help.

     * Requires Kickstart 2.04 or higher.

     * Supports new 3.0 features (new look menus, ...).

     * Nice `Amiga User Interface Style Guide' conformant user interface.


    The following is a list of the most significant changes:

     * Bug fix: Updating the binary log files on MC68000-amigas could
       crash because of reading from an odd address.

     * New: Hosts can be assigned to groups, over which reports can be
       generated seperately, for example: create a group called "Poll"
       and assign all hosts you poll for mail to this group.  Then you
       can view reports concerning these hosts only...

     * Changed: The cookie %a only accepted certain phonenumbers, which
       caused a lot of problems. Now %a accepts any string.  So now,
       "Calling %n (%a)" and "Calling BBS (123-AMI)" match.  "A BBS 123"
       and "%n %a" match too: name="A" nr="BBS 123", to resolve this "%n
        %A" should be used.

     * Added some average costs/calls/online per day to the stats.  Also,
       if the <to date> is set somewhere in the future, `phonebill' will
       estimate the total costs on that date (bill report).

     * Added German and Swedish catalogs, updated Swedish rates.


    Workbench 2.04 or higher.





    pbill31.lha (190967 bytes)


    Shareware fee of $10 US.


    The archive and its contents are freely distributable.
    See documentation for details.

    The package is (C) 1993-1994 Raymond Penners