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        Version 1.0


        Mathias Kretschmer


        ProCrypt is a brand new tool which encrypts the data on selected
        partitions. ProCrypt can be the perfect solution for your
        security problems.

        ProCrypt is a powerful program which protects your data from
        unauthorizied persons. It does so by encrypting blocks on a very
        low level of your device during writing and reading (in real
        time). If you access the file later for reading, the file gets
        decrypted at once.

        Once having ProCrypt installed (takes about 7 minutes) you will
        soon forget that there is an online-crypter working in the
        background. You will be able to continue your work without
        noticing any changes to your environment. The only
        difference will be the password request you have to enter after
        the crypted device is mounted.

        Everytime you boot your system ProCrypt will be started
        automatically by mounting the partitions which are crypted. This
        procedure can be "hidden" from foreign eyes. So they will never
        know that there is a crypter installed in your system.


        ProCrypt uses the two different algorithms for coding. Both are
        extremly secure. They differ sligtly in security and speed.

        All actions of ProCrypt are fully transparent. You will notice
        only a very slight delay during file operations. You don't have
        to worry about your files.

        Very secure system-lock and a simple but effective protection
        against random manipulation (ie. Viruses) of diskblocks integrated.

        ProCrypt has a graphical user interface but can get also started
        using manual editing of mountlist entries.

        For the easy installation process Installer (by Commodore) is
        used. Even unexperienced users will have no problems to install
        ProCrypt. An OnlineHelp (using HotHelp-System from
        Maxon-Computers) is also provided for easy explanation of
        advanced usage.

        ProCrypt is a carefully tested program (Enforcer/Mungwall and
        Resource-Tracking proofed). There have been serveral testers in


        ANY Amiga and Kickstart/WB2.0+
        Maybe you should have a HardDrive but it also works
        with FloppyDisks.


        German Version  (German manual)  DM 89,-
        Release date: Now available


        ProCrypt is a commercial product.
        Order directly from:

        ProDev Vertrieb
        Eichendorffstr. 9
        D-53859 Niederkassel

        Maybe you give us a call for more information
        or when ordering your copy:

        (+49)6556-1285 (Mo-Fr 12.00-14.00/16.00-20.00)

        Support BBS of ProDev (German-System):

        SOURCE - (+49)2208-2514 - 24h - ZyXEL E+

        Dealer inquiries are welcome.


        ProCrypt is copy protected. That means you will receive
        a personalized copy of ProCrypt.