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     Making Music with Bertie Bunny


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   Newmarket, Ontario
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   At last there is a product for the Amiga computer where young
   children can have fun learning about music! WindShadow Software has
   introduced "Making Music with Bertie Bunny". This is a product that
   is only available for the Commodore Amiga computer. It fully
   employs the multimedia capabilities of the computer.

   There are many features to enhance your enjoyment:

    - Fun for children of all ages. Even a 2 year old can "Bang Keys"
      to control Bertie. Bertie Bunny will  automatically move from
      place to place on the display. The child can simply bang on the
      keys to cause Bertie to choose an  instrument or tune.

      Older children can use the mouse. This makes it quicker to make
      selections and helps them to develop fine motor skills.

    - Learn to recognize the sound of various musical instruments.

    - Learn to recognize various musical tunes from one or more of 4
      different parts: the melody, a counterpoint to the melody,
      an obbligato  accompaniment or a rhythmic accompaniment.

    - Hear how different instruments sound in combination with each

    - Use the computer keyboard as a musical instrument. You can
      select which instrument sounds are to be used and then play
      notes (up to 4 at a time will sound) and see the corresponding
      key-presses on a piano keyboard.

    - Readily installs on a hard drive. Installation uses Commodore's
      Installer utility.  The Installer program is supplied
      under license from Commodore.

    - Supports the NTSC and PAL video standards and 6 languages.

    - Multitasks on the more powerful models of Amiga. Other
      software can run in the background at a low priority, for example,
      3D rendering, compiling large programs, or downloading batches of

    - the manual is in AmigaGuide format. The AmigaGuide program
      is supplied under license from Commodore.

   This product is unusual in that it is easy to use for children as
   young as 2 years old, while providing creative opportunities for
   older children to explore.

   WindShadow Software is a Canadian company providing products for the
   Commodore Amiga which are sold world-wide.


   AmigaDOS 2.0 or greater and 1 megabyte of RAM.


   The single-copy list price is $34.95 (in U.S. funds) plus $5.00
   for shipping and handling. If you purchase the product before
   October 31, 1994, the price is $27.96 (a 20% reduction) plus $5.00
   for shipping and handling. If you are willing to receive the
   product by email as an LHA archive, there is no charge for shipping
   and handling.

   A special offer has been mailed to many User Groups which provides
   discounts up to 50% when members combine their orders. If your
   group has not yet received the offer, please contact me as soon as

        Payment may also be made in other currencies. Please inquire
        to get the latest prices. Note that the Canadian dollar price is
        discounted a little bit more.


   This is a commercial product Copyright (C) 1994 WindShadow Software

   Now more than ever, software piracy will drive developers away from
   the Amiga.

Gordon Wilkes
     WindShadow Software